Pomeranian is cute and has many advantages, but have you accepted the disadvantages?

Pomeranian is cute and has many advantages, but have you accepted the disadvantages?

Pomeranian is a kind of German Fox Terrier, small and cute, and is a very popular small companion dog. In addition to its cute appearance, it also has many advantages. With the advantages, the disadvantages will also exist, but have you accepted the disadvantages? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Bomei!

Advantages of Pomeranian


The Pomeranian is an active small petting dog, who behaves briskly and is loyal to his owner. Although it is small, it is very hard-working and alert. During the day or night, it will be very alert when there is a little movement. It is a good hand at the nursing home, and the owner will not be too worried.

Little exercise

Pomeranian is a small dog, usually does not have a high demand for exercise, it may be tired if you walk around at home, but the owner should simply take it out for a walk and walk around, and exercise for about half an hour. It is suitable for office workers to raise.

Small appetite

Compared with other large dogs, Pomeranian’s food intake is very dominant. The food intake is very small. The monthly cost of buying dog food can save a lot. The owner only needs to give it in moderation. Feed it to about 70 or 80% full, and it just rises by touching the abdomen. Just get up.

Dog Care Pomeranian - Pomeranian is cute and has many advantages, but have you accepted the disadvantages?

Disadvantages of Pomeranian

Big temper

Pomeranian has an unstable temperament and a great temper. No matter when he is excited or angry, he loves to pounce and bites. If you accidentally step on it or compete with it for a toy, you are likely to be bitten, and you will rarely be taken into consideration. Feel that is a tsundere little princess.

Dog barking

No matter day or night, as long as it wants to bark, it will bark, and its sound is very sharp and penetrating. It is fine to look after the home, but barking in the middle of the night for no reason is very annoying and annoying.

This shortcoming can be improved by the owner through training, combined with some chicken jerky snacks as a reward, to make it more obedient.

Shed hair

Pomeranian is a long-haired dog. If you don’t care about it, the hair will get knotted and become rough and shed. In spring and autumn, it will be more difficult to clean up the full house. The pet owner must do it every day Comb the hair of Hiromi to make the hair smoother, and also pay attention to dietary issues for Hiromi who shed hair.

If the diet is too salty and oily, it will aggravate Pomeranian hair loss and affect the appearance. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to keeping the diet light and choose some dog food with low salt content and deep-sea fish oil.

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