Poodle also has things you don’t like, do you really understand it?

Poodle also has things you don’t like, do you really understand it?

Poodle, like us, will have things you don’t like. You will know what you don’t like, but do you know what Poodle doesn’t like? Do you really understand it?

Shave its hair

Poodle is a dog with strong self-esteem. If you shave its hair, it will feel very ugly, feel that it has no dignity, and may hate its owner.

Except for special conditions such as skin diseases, the owner should not shave Poodle’s hair easily, and the hair can protect Teddy’s surface skin.

Dress it up

Many owners want to make their Poodle more glamorous and attract attention, so they put on a variety of clothes for Poodle. When they are happy, they think that Poodle will also like it.

When the weather is cold and you need to keep warm, you can wear thin clothes for Poodle. In addition to the weather, blindly dressing Poodle will only make it feel particularly restrained and uncomfortable.

Spray it with perfume

Some pet owners want their Poodle to walk with fragrance, so they spray some perfume on Poodle.

But dogs’ sense of smell is much more sensitive than ours. We smell it okay, but it will be very pungent to dogs, interfere with Poodle’s sense of smell, and may cause Poodle to suffer from skin diseases.

Dog Care - Poodle also has things you don’t like, do you really understand it?

Hit it when you do something wrong

Although Poodle is smart, it can do wrong things, and so are people. Some owners see Poodle doing something wrong and hit it. This will not have the educational effect at all, and it will alienate you.

The owner should educate it according to the situation. When Poodle has done a serious mistake, such as: biting, you can hit a little bit in this situation, and there is no need to do it for trivial things. You can train it more and let it develop awareness. You can reward it with some goat cheese snacks during training, and the training effect will be better.

Give it leftovers

Maybe some owners think it doesn’t matter what they eat for Poodle, and they will give Poodle the rest of the meals we usually eat on the table.

But do you know? Poodle is not a trash can, and human meals are too salty for Poodle, long-term eating will cause its hair to fade seriously and affect its appearance.

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