Poodle always licks his paws, and it does not rule out the possibility of getting sick.

Poodle always licks his paws, and it does not rule out the possibility of getting sick.

I believe that many people who have raised Poodle will have seen Poodle lick its paws, but sometimes such ordinary behavior implies a lot of things, not just cleaning the paws, if Poodle licks paws frequently, but also pay attention to the following major issues. Do not rule out the possibility of illness.

Paw wound

If you see Poodle licking his paw frequently, the owner should pay attention to check whether there are wounds on Poodle’s paws. Many dogs have wounds that will be relieved by licking, and Poodle is also. If you find a wound, you should treat it in time to avoid infection and inflammation. You can also wear a headgear on Poodle to prevent Poodle from licking the wound.

Clean paws

Poodle occasionally cleans its paws, which is a self-cleaning method in animal behavior. Some Poodles who love to clean will habitually lick their paws after eating or coming back outside. This is normal. , The master does not need to worry.

Interdigital inflammation

Anyone who knows enough about Poodle will know that Poodle’s sweat glands are distributed on the tongue and soles of the feet. If the hairs on the soles of Poodle’s feet are too long and go out for a long time, it will cause infection and inflammation of the paws due to sweat soaking, and will lick the paws. It is recommended that the owner regularly trim Poodle’s claws.

Dog Care - Poodle always licks his paws, and it does not rule out the possibility of getting sick.

Infected with fleas

After Poodle is infected with fleas, it will cause severe itching of the skin. Poodle will constantly lick the skin or paws to relieve the itching. Moreover, when Poodle frequently licks the infected skin or paws, the problem will aggravate and cause malignancy. cycle. The owner should deworm them regularly to prevent Poodle from infecting fleas, which can cause more serious problems.


When Poodle feels bored, he will unconsciously lick his paws, which can kill time on the one hand, and clean the paws on the other hand, killing two birds with one stone. However, the owner still needs to spend time with Poodle to prevent Poodle from being unhappy and suffering from depression. The owner can accompany it occasionally to play games and reward it with some jerky snacks. It is easy to satisfy Poodle.

When raising Poodle, the owner should not ignore some common problems. Sometimes health-threatening problems occur in such small places. For example, Poodle’s diet looks very ordinary, but if you feed Poodle to human meals, it is very It is easy to cause Poodle’s hair to fade, lack luster, and look unsightly.

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