Precautions for traveling with cats.

Precautions for traveling with cats.

Some cat owners will choose to take the cat to travel with them. Here is a brief introduction to the items and precautions that need to be prepared when traveling.

Precautions for travelling with cats

What cats need to bring when traveling:

1. Means of transportation (air case, cat bag): Be sure to prepare a sufficiently large and comfortable means of transportation for cats. They need to stay in it during the long journey. Cats with more grumpy personality are suitable for flight boxes, and cats with honest and introverted personality are suitable for cat bags.

2. Pet-specific diapers: pad in the transportation tool to facilitate cats to urinate.

3. Wet wipes for pets: used to wipe the whole body, disinfect and reduce the possibility of infection. (Never use human use, because that kind of wet wipes usually contain alcohol, and cats will have adverse reactions after licking)

4. Cat food, water, food bowl, water bowl: you need to feed your cat during the journey.

5. Cat zero hour, toys: used to relieve the tension brought by traveling.

6. Leash: Some cats like to go outdoors very much and can walk freely like dogs. This requires the owners to use this to control the cat’s whereabouts.

7. Comb: carry it with you.

8. Clothes: If you encounter a sudden change during the journey, you need to add clothes to the cats to prevent catching cold. Cats are suitable for wearing clothes that do not need to cover their hind legs, otherwise it will affect the cat’s flexibility.

9. Commonly used drugs:

Disinfection-alcohol, iodine (bring a cotton swab or absorbent cotton)

Digestive aids-yeast tablets, multi-enzyme tablets

Antidiarrheals-bismuth preparations, diphenoxylate, tannic acid

Laxative-Pediatric Kaiserlu

Antifungal class-clotrimazole

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