Reasons and solutions for dogs not eating dog food.

Reasons and solutions for dogs not eating dog food.

Reasons and solutions for dogs not eating dog food:

1. Observe and determine whether the dog is unwell! Especially if you suddenly find that you have a loss of appetite or even a hunger strike in a short period of time, it is best to take it to the doctor first. Because the early symptoms of certain diseases are a significant decrease in appetite.

Second, the owner’s question!

Dogs’ picky eating problems are all related to the owner’s improper feeding methods. If your dog is picky eaters, please take a look at the following.

1. Foods that are fed to humans (including staple foods on the table and snacks on the coffee table): As long as you eat yourself or eat snacks, you always think about feeding your dog. This is a wrong decision.

2. Feed pet snacks almost every day, not only in large quantities, but also in many types (pet snacks, various fruits, various vegetables, various things that the dog can’t eat but the owner thinks the dog likes to eat.. .)

3. The dog food is placed in a bowl, and there is no stipulation on the eating time, and the dog can eat it at any time

4. The dog is not active in eating dog food, and the owner holds it with his hand to coax the dog to eat

5. You are worried that your dog ​​will not be full. You can’t help adding more food when you see the dog after eating. You feel at ease until there is a little bit of dog food

6. The dog left after eating a few bites, be sure to ask him to come back to eat, and if he doesn’t come back, chase and feed him with a dog food bowl

7. Finally realized that the dog is picky eating is a bad habit, determined to correct it. Then using the hunger method, I vomited yellow water after I was hungry for three days. It was too heartache, so I gave in. Increased the difficulty of correcting picky eating habits in the future.

Obviously, the problem of picky eaters is not a dog’s problem, but a human problem. If you want to correct the dog’s picky eating habits, you must start by changing people’s practices!

So, do you want to change your way of doing it? If you don’t want to, then continue to adapt to the dog’s eating habits and bear all the consequences from this: dogs are becoming more picky eaters, and it’s getting harder and harder to choose food for them. The physique is getting weaker and weaker, and more and more money needs to be spent on medical treatment for dogs…

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