Regarding the dog’s estrus period, pet owners need to pay attention to it!

Regarding the dog’s estrus period, pet owners need to pay attention to it!

Pet owners know that dogs have two estrus periods a year. The estrus period of dogs is something that many pet owners worry about. So what should the pet owners do when facing this period? The following is about the dog’s estrus period, the pet owner needs to pay attention to it!


Dogs have two estrus periods each year, generally between March and April in spring and September-October in autumn. Each estrus lasts for 7 to 15 days. During this period, the dog will be more irritable, while the female dog’s estrus period There will also be a menstrual period of about 10 days.

How to take care of a dog in estrus?

Maintain hygiene and cleanliness

During the estrus period, the dog must pay more attention to keeping the environment clean. In addition, for the bitch, the owner needs to use a clean cloth, warm water and a basin to help the dog clean the vulva. Daily necessities should also be cleaned and exposed to the sun when the sun is good.

Don’t take a bath

Don’t bathe your dog during the estrus period. It is easy to catch a cold. If it is really dirty, wipe it off with a clean cloth and warm water. Dry the hair in time after wiping.

Try to go out as little as possible

The dog’s temper is not stable during estrus, so the pet owner should take the dog out as little as possible, and if he goes out, he must wear a leash to avoid accidents.

Nutritional supplements

Dogs in estrus lose their nutrition quickly, so the pet owner must supplement the dog’s nutrition to restore its physical strength. In addition to feeding a nutritious dog food, it can also be fed with goat milk powder as a nutritional supplement.

Pay attention to your diet

Dogs in estrus do not have a good appetite. Pet owners can feed their dogs with smaller meals. It is best to choose some easy-to-digest and high-protein dog food, so that it will be healthier when eaten.

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