Sending a dog away at will will eventually lead to these 5 serious consequences.

Sending a dog away at will will eventually lead to these 5 serious consequences.

There are more and more dog owners now, and many dog owners are because of a whim, so when the freshness has passed, they will give their dogs to others, but do you know? Doing so will have 5 consequences, and the impact on dogs is very serious.

Take the opportunity to escape

After the dogs are sent to their new homes, a large part of them will take the opportunity to escape, because they still think of their previous owners, so they will desperately fled outside, looking for the owner, so that the accident they encounter when going out on their own may be even greater. , And even lost his life in search of you.

Take revenge

Some stubborn dogs will feel very angry because the owner gave it to others, thinking of making trouble in the new home to retaliate against the owner, and also think that maybe as long as it is not behaved in the new home, it will be sent back to the original one. With the owner, if the new owner has a bad temper, then the dog will suffer even more.

Personality changes, even biting

Some dogs are originally very docile, but because they are sent to a new home by their owner, they are unfamiliar with the environment, as well as alertness and other factors, which will make their temperament change drastically, become irritable, and even bite in severe cases. The consequences of this are obviously very serious.

Dog Care - Sending a dog away at will will eventually lead to these 5 serious consequences.

Depression eventually dies

After being sent to a new home, some dogs who can’t think about it will always think about their original owner. They don’t think about eating and drinking. Every day they will think about when the owner will pick him up. They have been waiting. Eventually they suffer from severe depression and die. s consequence.

If the owner sent it away because the dog was mischievous and dismantled the house, in fact, it is not necessary. As long as the owner trains well, the average dog will learn well. Be patient with him, and give him some snacks during training. Be proactive It will also become higher.

Hunger strike

The behavior of sending the dog away will have a great impact on the dog’s psychology. Therefore, many dogs miss the original owner too much, resulting in poor appetite, or even not eating, but if the dog does not eat or drink, Within a few days, the dog will become dehydrated and die.

Since you decide to keep a dog, you should be responsible for it, try not to give it away at will, otherwise the dog will be very sad.

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