Siberian husky diarrhea, what’s the matter?

Siberian husky diarrhea, what’s the matter?

I believe anyone who knows enough about Siberian husky knows that the stomach of Siberian husky is very fragile. During the breeding process, we may have encountered siberian diarrhea. What is going on? We together look!

Infection with parasites

If Siberian husky is infected with parasites, its gastrointestinal function will be destroyed and diarrhea will occur. As for how to determine whether it is infected with parasites, you can usually observe its stool. If there are abnormalities such as worms, you need to The husky is dewormed, and the pet owner must pay attention to the need for regular deworming, once every three months in the body, and once a month outside the body.

Gastrointestinal problems

Some Siberian husky diarrhea may be caused by gastrointestinal problems, such as gastroenteritis, accompanied by poor spirits and vomiting. Such symptoms are similar to the symptoms of pre-gastroenteritis and canine plague. Go to the hospital for a check, just in case.

Dog Care - Siberian husky diarrhea, what's the matter?


Siberian husky’s own digestive system is not good, and it often causes indigestion and diarrhea due to eating too much, changing the environment, changing dog food, vaccinating, and deworming. Therefore, for Siberian husky in this situation, the pet owner can consider fasting the husky for observation, and pay attention to giving it some easily absorbed liquid food as a nutritional supplement.

Catch cold

Siberian husky’s diarrhea may also be caused by it being cold. Keep warm when it is cold. In addition, don’t often let it sleep directly on the ground. You can buy a kennel or blanket for it, and you can also feed it with probiotics. Help to regulate the intestines and stomach.

Food problem

In fact, Siberian husky diarrhea, the main reason is related to food, such as poor quality dog food, bad food, unclean water, eating food that shouldn’t be eaten, etc. In such a situation, the owner needs to observe more and supply enough during the period. Moisture to prevent it from excessive diarrhea and the symptoms of dehydration.

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