Siberian Husky’s golden period of training!

Siberian Husky’s golden period of training!

We all know that Siberian Husky’s IQ is not very high and it’s very stupid. If the pet owner wants to have a highly obedient, obedient and well-behaved Siberian Husky, the key is to seize the golden period of Siberian Husky training. It will be easier to train. Then, Siberian When was Husky’s golden age?

To train Siberian Husky well, the pet owner needs to train it when it is 3-6 months old. This period is called the golden period of Siberian Husky training. Generally speaking, Siberian Husky puppies under 3 months of age are not suitable for training. Their body and mind are not mature, but Siberian Husky after 3 months can basically meet the training requirements.

Dog Care - Siberian Husky's golden period of training!

At the beginning of the training, the pet owner can take Siberian Husky out for a walk, broaden his horizons, and conduct some simple exercise training. For example: go to the toilet at a fixed point, some simple sitting down, and shaking hands. The intensity should not be too high. After it has received simple skill training, increase the difficulty and give it some time to adapt.

Young Siberian Husky is easier to learn, and bad habits are easy to correct. As long as the obedience is taught well in the early stage, the later training will not be too difficult.

It is not easy to rush for quick success during the training process. The pet is mainly to be patient. After all, its acceptance is so great that it is impossible to learn it all at once. In addition, you must prepare enough snacks as a reward, such as chicken jerky, dogs after all They are greedy, and Siberian Husky is no exception. As long as they are rewarded appropriately, the training effect can be seen.

If Siberian Husky does a bad job during the training process, the pet owner should try not to beat and scold him again. Doing so will not achieve the training effect. It will also affect Siberian Husky’s psychological thoughts and cause it to be unwilling to cooperate with you.

During the whole training period, we should pay attention to focusing on training according to Siberian Husky’s age and physical condition. This will greatly improve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. We must focus on training in specific situations, and we must have patience for better training.

The training location does not need to be limited so much, but you should be careful not to choose too many people and too many similar places. After all, the personality is also fun to avoid affecting the training.

In addition to choosing the right time to train Siberian Husky, you should also pay attention to the diet of Siberian Husky. Siberian Husky is still a puppy during training and has a relatively large demand for nutrition. Pay attention to feeding nutritious dog food.

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