Six wrong ways to walk the dog!

Six wrong ways to walk the dog!

One thing that a dog owner must do every day is to walk the dog, but many people think that walking around is just fine. In fact, there are a lot of specialties about walking a dog. If you use the wrong method, it will hurt the dog!

Walk the dog when you have time

Nowadays, many dog owners, mostly office workers, are busy at work during the day, and feel exhausted when they come home at night, so they don’t walk their dogs. They only walk their dogs when they have the best time, thinking that they can also play for a long time. One point, but this is actually not good for the dog’s health.

Usually do not walk the dog very often. If you exercise suddenly with high intensity, the dog may not be able to bear it and cause physical problems. Therefore, the pet owner must take it for a walk every day to consume energy. Generally, large dogs are more than 2 hours each time, medium-sized dogs. Dogs take 1 to 2 hours each time, and small dogs have a smaller amount of exercise, about half an hour each time.

Dog Care - Six wrong ways to walk the dog!

Drive the dog

Some pet owners may be lazy and want to take the dog out for a walk, so they think of the bad idea of driving the dog and killing two birds with one stone. Walking the dog in this way will do him great harm!

Let the dog run with the car, the speed is not so easy to control, the speed is too fast, it is simply exhausting the behavior of the dog, and the traffic situation on the road is complex and changeable, accidents will occur if they are not careful, no matter who it is Responsible!

Walking the dog without a leash

Although there are many dog owners and people who like dogs, there are also many people who are hostile to dogs. In fact, a large part of the reason is that dog owners walk their dogs and do not bring their dogs with leashes, which are prone to accidents and cause many people. Be hostile to the dog.

Walking the dog without a leash is a very uncivilized behavior, it is easy to scare people, and it is also easy to cause accidents in the dog, so it is necessary to walk the dog and bring the dog with a leash matter.

Take the dog for a walk as soon as you are full

There are also some pet owners who take the dog for a walk as soon as they have eaten, thinking that this will help their digestion, but in fact the opposite is true.

Take it for a walk as soon as it is full, which can easily cause digestive discomfort in the stomach and stomach, which is extremely harmful to it. After the dog is full, it is more appropriate for the owner to take a rest for a while and then take the dog out for exercise (recommended rest time is about 1-2 hours)

Let the dog run the stairs

Some pet owners have very peculiar ideas. They think that taking a dog out for a walk is to consume its energy and maintain the amount of exercise. Therefore, they think that letting the dog run the stairs consumes more energy and faster, and is also a way to maintain the amount of exercise.

But a dog running stairs for a long time will cause great damage to its spine and limbs, especially for some short-legged dogs, it is simply terrible, so the owner must not use this method to walk the dog! Also pay attention to give your dog some calcium tablets to supplement calcium.

Regardless of weather conditions

Some pet owners are very casual. When they are in a good mood, they also take their dogs out for a walk at noon, but in fact, taking a dog for a walk depends on the weather.

When the summer is hot, the ground is very hot and the temperature is also high. It is not recommended for dogs to engage in long-term activities outdoors. Dogs may get heatstroke and burn the foot pads. When the winter is cold, especially in some snowy and icy areas, dogs must take protective measures before going out, otherwise they will get frostbite. Take the dog for a walk, you should choose some days with good weather, so that it is good for him.

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