Some methods of cat training.

Some methods of cat training.

Everyone knows what many instructions a dog can complete through training. In fact, the cat is not impossible to train, as long as the owner masters the method.

Cat routine training

1. The rules of eating and playing

Many owners often boast: how smart my cat is, he will stand up straight to pick up food. It also said that when it eats with people, it will sit in a chair obediently and so on. This is not a good sign. After a while, the owner will start to feel distressed, because the kittens will always come to ask for something to eat instead of eating their own cat food, and become more and more picky, like a wild cat that has not been disciplined. Jumped onto the table arrogantly, looking for something that he loved, making a mess in twos and outs. Therefore, from an early age, we must teach cats how to eat meals regularly, fixedly, and quantitatively. Never give it human food. Cats must eat food specially designed and manufactured for cats. Human food is not entirely suitable for its nutrition and growth. Children’s toys, such as Lego games such as combination toys, may not be suitable for it. Some are too small, some have sharp edges, and some may be crushed and swallowed accidentally.

2. Urinary training

Cats have an unpleasant smell when they urinate, and wild cats often cover them with soil after they urinate. Some cat owners choose sand or cat litter. Cat litter is better than sand in cleaning and preventing parasites. Cats love to clean, and if they have been trained since they were young, they will develop a good habit of urinating and defecate at a certain location.

How to train cats to be obedient

The best time to train a cat to be obedient is 2 to 3 months after the cat is born. This is the period when the cat’s body is fully developed and the personality is formed. For this stage, the cat is the easiest to receive training . For daily training, it is best to train before each meal. The breeder can train 2 to 3 times a day, but the training time should be kept at about 10 to 15 minutes each time. Avoid prolonged training, which will make the cat feel boring. In the process of training, the trainer must be gradual, not rushing, and the chosen training environment must be quiet. The training action should not be too sudden, and loud noises should not be generated, because pet cats are very sensitive to loud noises or sudden movements, so as not to scare the cat away, hide, and refuse to receive training.

In the process of training, it is best for the trainer to adopt a combination of multiple training methods. Combine various stimuli and methods organically. At the same time, in the training process, the breeder should be kind, not too much, and be too tough to let the cat accept the coming year, so as to avoid the cat’s aversion to the training and affect the completion of the training.

After all, pet cats do not have the same intelligence and understanding as humans. Therefore, trainers are required to have enough tolerance and understanding in the process of training cats. Tolerant and understand some behaviors of the pet cat, and then slowly train and tune the pet cat, so that the cat will gradually get rid of some bad and wrong habits, and make the cat more obedient and sensible.

Precautions for cat training

Generally speaking, when the cat’s body matures after 2-3 months of age, the cat can receive the basic training. The best choice for each training is before feeding, because hungry cats are more willing and easier to get close to people. At the same time, in order to get food, cats will become more obedient and well-behaved, which is very effective for training with food temptation.

When training, choose a quieter and comfortable training environment for the cat. Because in the training process, sudden loud noises or shocks will make sensitive cats nervous. Due to fear, cats may hide in fear and are no longer willing to receive training. For this reason, a good and relaxed training environment is very beneficial for training cats to achieve effective results.

In the process of pet cat training, due to the influence of various factors, the cat’s ability to accept and the training cycle will be different. For this, the owner needs to have enough patience and enough confidence to train the cat. At the same time, give the cat more care and training, give the cat more tolerance and understanding, and strive to let the cat accept and complete the training as soon as possible.

Cats are naturally sensitive and timid. If the owner decides to train your cat, it must be done step by step, not blindly, and there must be a plan and method of training, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.

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