Symptoms and treatment of cat skin diseases.

Symptoms and treatment of cat skin diseases.

Skin disease is one of the common diseases of cats. Under normal circumstances, as long as the symptoms are treated immediately after discovery, the harm is not great. The main symptoms of cat skin diseases are obvious small papules, pustules and ulcers on the surface of the cat. The symptoms are different for different causes, and the corresponding treatment methods are different. Therefore, it is found that cat skin diseases should be treated according to different conditions..

What are the symptoms of cat skin disease?

1. The flea allergic dermatitis we usually see refers to the small red papules or wounds that slowly appear after the cat is scratched because of the itching after being bitten by a flea. If the wound is infected by bacteria, this situation The following is called flea allergic dermatitis, which is a relatively common cat skin disease.

2. A kind of scabies that occurs in cats is a kind of scabies that will appear on the cat’s ears at the beginning, and then on the head. When the scabies are severe, it will be all over the body. When eating a cat’s dander tissue, it will often cause the cat to suffer unbearable itching. Therefore, when the kitten is constantly scratching its ears and shaking its head, the owner must pay attention to it. There may have been crusts, ulcers, pustules… This is already very serious, and you must quickly send to the hospital for treatment!

3. Another type is that ringworm is easy to be infected with ringworm before cats are one year old. Ringworm is a special kind of mold, and the symptom shown is cat hair loss. The depilated area will show some irregular shapes or mixed scaly spots , some scars and even some allergic pimples. This kind of ringworm is more infectious. If this happens, you must isolate your cat, especially at home. If there are children with children, if you find that cats and cats have this kind of condition , you must promptly treat and control the condition.

How is cat skin disease treated?

Different types of skin diseases have different treatment methods. For skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi or parasites, the treatment methods are nothing more than medicated baths, sprays, disinfection, collars, sun exposure, etc.;

But for nutritional skin diseases, the treatment is to strengthen nutrition, such as supplementing B vitamins.

If the kitten is suffering from skin diseases, the cat’s food utensils should be thoroughly disinfected, and the surface should be scrubbed or sprayed with 0.5% bleach water. If the kitten is exposed to sunlight for 5-6 hours a day for one week, the effect will be better., Expose until the cat is cured. Since the mold will survive in the form of spores, after the treatment of cats is effective, continue for about one week to ten days, as well as disinfection of food utensils, so as to avoid the chance of recurrence, otherwise the remaining mold spores can still survive and latent up to 3. 4 years.

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