Teach you to read the language of kittens.

Teach you to read the language of kittens.

Although cats can’t speak, they have a lot of body language. They can express affection, anger, obedience and other emotions to you. Do you understand?

Through the head

Through the shape of the cat’s eyes and the position of its ears, you can clearly understand what it wants to express.

The ears are naturally erect and the eyes are round: calm

Ears erected sideways, eyes staring: anger

Ears down, pupils dilated: attack

The ears are naturally erect, the eyes are half open, and the pupils are narrow and long: happy, joyful

Cat Care - Teach you to read the language of kittens.

Through the body

It rubs the head or tail on the owner’s legs: this means that it likes the owner and wants to have the same taste as the owner.

Rub the owner’s knee with the forefoot for a long time: it shows that it is very happy.

During breastfeeding, kittens use their forefoot to push the cat’s nipples to stimulate milk flow. When it makes similar actions to its owner, it shows that it treats the owner as its mother.

As soon as he saw the owner, it lay down and rolled: When the kitten makes this move, it shows that it completely believes in the owner, which means obedience.

Cat Care - Teach you to read the language of kittens.

Wagging its tail: This shows that it is excited. If the owner beats the kitten, it starts to shake its tail vigorously, which shows that it does not like this and must stop this action immediately. Unlike dogs, cats are not always happy when they wag their tails.

By voice

Purring: The kitten started purring and purring as soon as it started feeding, indicating that it is satisfied and is very dependent on the mother cat. If it snores towards the master, it means that it is obedient to the master and it is very pleasant to be with the master.

Hiss: Indicates a threat. Cats make this noise when attacking, which is one of the cat’s self-defense strategies.

Meow: Meow has many different meanings. Requests, complains, confusion, rejections, etc. Observe more and the owner will understand the meow of the kitten.

Cat Care - Teach you to read the language of kittens.

The performance of the establishment of the territory: The kitten rubs the pheromone secreted by the glands under its ears to the ankle of the owner through such actions, and shares the same smell with the owner, and the owner becomes a part of its territory.

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