Ten best ways to train golden retrievers.

Ten best ways to train golden retrievers.

(1) Let Golden Retriever know a clear password

Because Golden Retriever dogs are very sensitive, in order for Golden Retriever dogs to understand and remember, it is best to use short, clearly pronounced sentences during training, and do not repeat them. In addition, avoid loud or angry voices when giving orders. At the same time, the same password should adopt a different tone for golden retrievers of different temperaments. For example, if you say “squat down”, you should gently order the obedient golden retriever, and loudly order the lively golden retriever. The breeder should choose different methods according to his golden retriever’s personality.

(2) Must refuse rough methods

Like any animal, the Golden Retriever is very vigilant towards people. The method of compelling the Golden Retriever to obey by corporal punishment is wrong. From a dog’s point of view, being beaten or kicked for no reason can only create the impression of “being abused”. If it is a very powerful owner, the Golden Retriever may obey because of fear. However, dogs that grow up in this environment are extremely insecure, sometimes attacking children or the elderly with weaker powers, and even dangerous incidents of biting people Therefore, when the Golden Retriever does not obey the command, while shouting commands, shoot a water gun at the Golden Retriever’s face, and most of the dogs will be quiet.

(3) Training anytime, anywhere

There is a misunderstanding that there is a time limit for Golden Retriever training, which is actually wrong. In daily life such as walking, eating, etc., we should patiently teach the Golden Retriever what to do and what not to do.

(4) Don’t praise too much

Unlike educating a baby, the praise of the Golden Retriever should be limited to when the Golden Retriever dog is very obedient. If you praise it from time to time, it will confuse it, and it will not know when it will be praised, which will increase the difficulty of future training.

(5) Be patient

Golden Retriever is not an animal that can be remembered and acted upon immediately after only being taught once or twice. It needs to gradually form memory during continuous training. Therefore, the breeder is required to be patient and constantly train it.

(6) Cultivate adaptability

Golden Retriever dogs often avoid things they don’t like, or bark at it, or destroy it altogether. This can sometimes cause a lot of trouble for the owner. In this case, you must first have patience and never be impatient. Let the Golden Retriever slowly approach what it doesn’t like, and at the same time, talk to it in a gentle voice to calm it down. If the dog is beaten and scolded at this time, it will make the golden retriever hide further.

(7) Correction in time

When the Golden Retriever is preparing to do the wrong thing, stop it loudly and decisively in time. If you reprimand it afterwards, the Golden Retriever will not understand the reason, and will continue to do the wrong things. What’s more serious is that if the Golden Retriever is often reprimanded for unknown reasons, the Golden Retriever will gradually have a sense of distrust of the owner and will no longer listen to the command of the owner.

(8) Don’t compare with other golden retrievers

Golden Retriever dogs have different abilities. Therefore, they must be trained at a speed that is suitable for them. They must not be compared with other Golden Retriever dogs, so you think that your Golden Retriever dogs have poor understanding. You must have confidence in your own golden retriever dog.

(9) Consult an expert

During the training, if you encounter any difficult problems, you should consult an expert or veterinarian at any time. This will not delay your dog training.

(10) The most important point is: be loving

The purpose of feeding Golden Retriever dog training is to “teach”, not “beat”. The best way is to frequently praise and pet, let the golden retriever understand the owner’s happy mood, the most wrong way to force the dog to obey by means of corporal punishment. In fact, all pets are fed the same, and the most important thing is to have a caring heart.

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