The 5 things that dogs hate most, maybe you are doing it recently!

The 5 things that dogs hate most, maybe you are doing it recently!

When a dog does something that you hate, you will be angry or scolded, then when you do something that the dog hates, the dog will also be angry, even unwilling to make good friends with you, and hide away. Some pets who do the following behaviors have become vigilant, maybe you are doing them recently!

Hold too tight

Most dogs don’t like being hugged. Your dog is willing to be hugged by you definitely because he loves you, but he is also particular about hugs. Holding too tight will make the dog feel very uncomfortable. , And even resist and hate you.

Keep the dog in a cage

Many dogs love freedom, and even if you are locked in a closed space, you will be annoying and unhappy. If you are closed for a long time, you may become irritable and irritable. Depression, so if it is not necessary, the pet owner will try not to keep it in a cage.

Dog Care - The 5 things that dogs hate most, maybe you are doing it recently!

Dress the dog

Many pet owners will put clothes on dogs to make them look good, attract attention, and satisfy themselves, but have you ever thought that dogs don’t necessarily want them? For dogs, putting on clothes may be part of it. This kind of restraint, even biting clothes when resisting.

Doing something wrong will only beat and scold

Some pet owners find that the dog has done something wrong, and will do something if they don’t agree with each other. This kind of punishment not only fails to educate the dog, but also makes him hate you. When educating a dog, you can combine rewards and punishments. When doing the right thing, use some chicken jerky training snacks to reward him, so that he knows how to distinguish between good and bad things, so that education can be effective.

Tease the dog

Often teasing a dog will lead to the end of playing with fire. In the long run, the dog will not believe you. The lack of trust is probably wiped out in these trivial matters. In severe cases, it will lead to the dog’s obedience to you. Sex is getting worse. The owner should remember not to tease the dog often, interaction is needed in normal times, but it does not include the behavior of teasing the dog for interaction.

In the process of raising a dog, I hope that the dog will be obedient and not do or do less of the things you hate. Then you should do the same with the dog. Only by treating the dog equally can you get along better and the feelings will become deeper and deeper. When a dog is sick, you will be anxious and afraid, and the dog will suffer from birth, old age, sickness and death just like us.

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