The 7 major manifestations that a dog recognizes you as a master.

The 7 major manifestations that a dog recognizes you as a master.

After raising a dog for a long time, the relationship between the owner and the dog will become deeper and deeper. In fact, the owner does not have to think like this. If your dog doesn’t think so! If you want to know whether the dog treats you as the owner, you can judge by the following performances.

Be Jealous

Dogs will be Jealous when they see their owner playing with other dogs, and they may get angry with you when they get home. At this time, the owner should feel happy. This is because it recognizes you and cares about your performance, and at the same time, it must be well. Coax it.

Show you belly

The dog’s belly is a very fragile body part, and it is generally not exposed easily. If it lays down to expose the belly to you, the dog trusts you very much and has already regarded you as its owner.

On call

The owner’s name is a dog. If the dog is always there, it is also one of the performances of treating you as its owner, and it is also an expression of willingness to be loyal to you, but the owner must remember not to call the dog if there is nothing wrong, so the dog I might ignore you next time.

Not Food Aggression

Dogs are food-protective, and others cannot touch things that belong to it easily. If your dog does not show resistance to your food, then it recognizes your status as the owner. .

Treat your bed as its bed

Some dogs like to sleep with their owner because they feel that sleeping next to their owner makes them feel safe. Even if you don’t allow it, they will sneak up and treat your bed as their bed. Your performance as a master.

Dog Care - The 7 major manifestations that a dog recognizes you as a master.

Very docile to you

Dogs like you. When they treat you as their master, they are very gentle to you and will not be aggressive to you, but they are not gentle to everyone. If they find that dogs are more ferocious to others, they should be treated well. Training, otherwise you will hurt others if you don’t know the severity. Give some duck and dog snacks during training to improve its obedience.

Won’t go to the table to ask for food

In the world of dogs, there are hierarchical concepts. If they recognize you as the owner, they will treat you as the boss. When you are eating, they will not easily come to the table and beg you for food, but they will also use pitifulness underneath. Look at you with stern eyes, because they are more greedy after all, but the master shouldn’t spoil you.

If the owner often allows the dog to eat at the table, he will spoil it, and the food that people eat is too salty. If it is given to the dog for a long time, it will affect its health, so you should pay special attention to the dog’s diet. Healthy, control the intake of salt, the staple dog food is best to choose light and nutritious.

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