The bad habits of the owner raising a dog will make people hostile to the dog!

The bad habits of the owner raising a dog will make people hostile to the dog!

In life, some people think that dogs are cute, and some people are hostile to dogs. Most of their hostility is also due to some bad habits that some pet owners have in raising dogs. What are the bad habits that make people hostile to dogs? Woolen cloth?

Dog shit and do not clean up on the road

People who keep dogs walk their dogs, and those who walk dogs don’t necessarily clean up their own dog’s poop, so these stools stay on the road, making people uncomfortable to watch, and causing many people to become hostile to the dog. , Every pet owner should be civilized to raise dogs, so that everyone’s views on dogs will be changed, and it will not have a big impact on you.

Walking the dog without a leash

There are also many pet owners who want to allow their dogs to be more free when walking their dogs, so they don’t give their dogs a leash, but the pet owners’ practice will only make more people hate the dog, because the dog has no restraints, do It’s hard to stop anything, even biting people sometimes happen, so people are full of hostility towards dogs.

Dogs scream loudly without stopping

Many people keep dogs, but it doesn’t mean that no one is afraid of dogs. Sometimes when you pass by a dog and hear it barking at you, you will be afraid that it will rush to bite you, and if the owner doesn’t care, it’s even more annoying. In addition, when barking at home, it will also disturb the nearby residents. It is annoying to listen regardless, so it is difficult for people to be non-hostile towards the dog.

Dog Care - The bad habits of the owner raising a dog will make people hostile to the dog!

Indulge the dog to pounce on others

It is normal for a dog to pounce on people, but it is a bad thing if the owner indulges the dog on people. If the other party is afraid of dogs or the elderly or children, the consequences are really hard to imagine, and it is in the eyes of outsiders. The dog is not good, but the master is the worse one, because you have not disciplined your dog well.

Therefore, for the sake of the dog and for you, don’t indulge the dog. You must train the dog strictly so that these unreasonable phenomena are not easy to appear. If you do a good job during the training, you will be rewarded with snacks, which is not good. Just a small punishment, don’t spoil it.

Let the dog eat

If the owner usually allows the dog to eat at the table, then wait for it to develop a habit, and when guests come to eat at home, the dog will also follow the table to eat, which will bring a very bad feeling to the guests. The dog is next door. How can people who mess around eat well?

In addition, dogs are not allowed to eat human food. Let them eat at the table. When the dog sees your food is so good, will it still eat dog food? No, and human food is very greasy. Dogs who eat too much are not good for their health. They are easy to gain weight. Obesity can cause various diseases. Therefore, if the dog is obese, it is recommended to choose low-fat dog food for the dog. Give it cannibalism.

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