The big dog and the puppy meet in a narrow way, why does the puppy bark so much!

The big dog and the puppy meet in a narrow way, why does the puppy bark so much!

When walking the dog, I would like to come to many pet owners and have seen the behavior of big dogs and puppies when they meet in a narrow way. Generally speaking, puppies bark very fiercely and big dogs will avoid. Why? Let’s take a look at the two. Reason.

Why are puppies fierce?

Mental shadow

If the puppy is bitten by a big dog, there will be a psychological shadow. Because he wants revenge but is afraid, he will test the big dog by barking. If the big dog looks over or walks over, the puppy will immediately run away. If the big dog ignores the puppy, then the puppy will continue to bark and provoke the big dog and avenge it for being bitten.


Some puppies are not so brave and fearless on the surface. In fact, they are very scared in their hearts, but they can’t be noticed by the big dog, otherwise they will suffer a big loss, so they will use the dog to call the big dog to make themselves courageous. This behavior is the same as that of some humans drinking for courage.

Territorial awareness is very strong

Dogs are territorially aware. Whether it is a big dog or a big dog, it will fight back as long as its territory is occupied or threatened. Even a puppy will fight desperately, even if the possibility of victory is unlikely.

Dog Care - The big dog and the puppy meet in a narrow way, why does the puppy bark so much!

Why do big dogs avoid?

Think there is no threat

In the eyes of a big dog, what he saw was a small dog, and he felt that it did not pose any threat to him. He thought it was just a prank, so he would not care about the dog.

Not interested

When big dogs grow up, they are generally much more mature and stable than puppies. For puppies, they are used to this behavior, and they will not be too careless with puppies.

Think there is no combatability

The big dog will look at the puppy’s body for a while, and after the assessment, he will appear very careful when he believes that the other party is not combatable. If he ignores the puppy, if the puppy does not know how to go forward and continues to provoke, he may get The big dog had a lesson.

How to make the puppy not provoke the big dog?

If your puppy always likes to provoke big dogs, then the owner should stop them as soon as they see them, and don’t pet them, which will cause them to be unobtrusive. Since childhood, there are rewards and punishments, but also pay attention to timeliness, as long as the dog Dogs who do well can reward them with some chicken jerky snacks, improve obedience, and cultivate a good personality.

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