The docile Golden Retriever suddenly bites? In fact, there is a reason behind it.

The docile Golden Retriever suddenly bites? In fact, there is a reason behind it.

Golden Retriever has a docile personality and a very good temper. It is one of the top three non-aggressive dogs in the world. Golden Retriever rarely bites, but this does not mean that it will not bite. However, it will do this behavior, and that is why it will do it for a reason.

For protection

Golden Retriever will respond instinctively when it, its owner, its own puppies, or something it cares about is hurt or threatened. Out of protection, it becomes an aggressive dog and bites people. .

Too excited

Golden Retriever is excited and can’t control himself, so when Golden Retriever is excited, don’t approach it easily to avoid being bitten, whether it is the owner or a stranger.

Dog Care Golden Retriever - The docile Golden Retriever suddenly bites? In fact, there is a reason behind it.

Environmental impact

If Golden Retriever is raised with a very fierce big dog since childhood, Golden Retriever will become very fierce when he grows up, or Golden Retriever has been taught with sticks since childhood and locked up for a long time. These environmental factors will affect The character of Golden Retriever is easy to become sensitive, irritable, and bite.

Protect food

Dogs are greedy, and Golden Retriever is the same. Even if Golden Retriever is usually docile and well-behaved, it is also an instinct to protect food. If you grab its food, of course it will get angry and bite. So don’t harass Golden Retriever when it is eating. Regarding the feeding behavior, you can train and correct it. Get some chicken jerky snacks to induce it, and training will be easier.

I saw Golden Retriever and ran away

Some people who are afraid of dogs will choose to run away when they see Golden Retriever, but this will attract its attention. Golden Retriever is also a hunting dog, after all, it will be more sensitive to fast-moving objects, so it will naturally catch up and bite you with one bite. . When you see Golden Retriever, don’t be afraid. After all, it is also very docile. Walk away slowly, don’t look at it, just avoid it.

Golden Retriever itself is a very docile dog. As long as you usually give Golden Retriever some basic obedience training, you can reduce or even avoid Golden Retriever biting. There is also a common problem with Golden Retriever, that is, Golden Retriever sheds more severely, and Golden Retriever does not look so good. Inadequate nutrition of dog hair will accelerate serious hair loss.

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