The dog looks back at you, don’t think it’s boring, but actually has something to say.

The dog looks back at you, don’t think it’s boring, but actually has something to say.

When getting along with a dog, I wonder if you have noticed that the dog sometimes looks back at you. After being with the dog for so long, do you know what it wants to express?

Care about you

Under different circumstances, the owner’s identity will change with the dog’s attitude. For example, if the dog finds danger nearby, your identity may be a child in his eyes, and he needs to treat you all the time. The security is protected, so it looks back at you, fearing that you will encounter any danger.

Want to comfort you

Although a dog can’t speak, it will look at its owner. When it finds that its owner is in a sad state, it will look at you not far away or by your side from time to time, wanting to comfort you, and sometimes even find it The dog is in the same state as you. If you are sad, it is naturally sad.

Dog Care - The dog looks back at you, don’t think it’s boring, but actually has something to say.

Smell the food on your hands

The dog’s nose is very sensitive, so if the owner wants to steal food with the dog on his back, it’s really hard to do it. It will always find that sometimes it will not directly pierce you, but will look back at you from time to time. Give you a look, you slowly realize it.

Used to having you by its side

Some pet owners will choose a safe area to untie the leash for the dog and let him play freely, but if the dog gets used to you by his side, even if a dog friend plays with him, he will look back Look at you, if you can’t find you, it’s not so comfortable to play.

Ask your opinion

When there are guests visiting at home or enthusiastic people outside, when giving food or toys to the dog, the dog looks back and sees that you may be asking for your opinion. Such a dog is definitely taught by the patience of the owner. Very loyal to the owner.

I want you to play with it

If the owner is busy with his own affairs, but it is boring and wants to ask you to go out to play with him, but he does not dare to harass you by your side, he will choose to look back at you, wondering when you are finished, so that he can let him. You can ask you to go out and play with it as soon as possible. The owner should also pay attention to the dog’s dynamics while he is busy. Maybe it has struggled many times. It’s best to take time to play games with the dog. You can also give the dog some goat cheese dog treats when playing the game, so that he is very satisfied.

Hungry and want to eat

A dog is hungry, but he won’t tell you directly that he is hungry. He will express it through some actions. If he sees you are eating and he has no food in his rice bowl, he will sit next to the rice bowl. Look back and see that you are eating so fragrantly, indicating that he is also hungry, and the owner should not forget to feed the dog. It should be rationed regularly.

Be careful not to give your dog the same kind of food for convenience, and don’t give it to the dog. If a dog eats a single food for a long time, it is easy to cause malnutrition. Don’t be lazy in your diet, and you must pay attention to nutrition. It’s better to choose nutritious natural food as the staple food for dog food.

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