The dog was beaten by the owner, why not resist?

The dog was beaten by the owner, why not resist?

I don’t know if any pet owner finds that his dog is doing something wrong. When you hit him, he doesn’t resist. In fact, is he really afraid of you? It’s not all, there are many reasons. After reading it, don’t you know if you feel bad about it?

You will be even more angry after you are afraid to resist

Some dogs know that they have done something wrong. When they see that you are angry and are about to hit them, they actually thought of resisting, probably because they are afraid that after resisting, you will become more angry, so they don’t intend to resist. I don’t want the owner to be so powerful for himself, so he can just be beaten to calm you down.

You are its boss

A dog’s hierarchical concept will be heavier. If it treats you as its boss, it will obey you absolutely. When it makes you angry, it will feel very scared, so even if you hit it, it will not resist. Willingly be beaten.

Dog Care - The dog was beaten by the owner, why not resist?

Admitting mistake

Although a dog does not understand our language, it also observes our attitude. A smart dog knows that he has done something wrong, so he will not resist when he is beaten by you, which also means that he knows it is wrong and is willing Accept the punishment.

Fear of being abandoned

A dog recognizes the owner, and once it recognizes that you are its owner, it will not easily or not change who its owner is, and knows who raised it. It will know how to repay the favor and will not be beaten. Dare to resist, afraid that the master will abandon yourself, and there will be no way to protect the master in the future.

Really scared of you

Some owners are not very good-tempered, and when they encounter a dog doing something wrong, they will be beaten directly. The dog who has experienced it will become very afraid of you, and become more and more timid and insecure in front of others. , And even suffer from depression in severe cases.

The owner must change his behavior. If it is a trivial matter, he should be patient and enlighten. Don’t fight directly. It must be punished and rewarded. You can reward him with duck meat, french fries, dog snacks, and new toys. It is acceptable to dogs.

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