The dog’s poop stinks, what’s wrong with it! The owner should pay attention to these.

The dog’s poop stinks, what’s wrong with it! The owner should pay attention to these.

In the process of raising a dog, it is inevitable that dogs will suddenly have a particularly bad poop for a period of time. The smell is not the same as usual, and it is very unpleasant. In the following situations, the owner should pay attention to it.

Dog cold

Dogs who look forward to staying in a cool space, or if they do not dry them immediately after taking a shower, will easily cause the dog to catch a cold. After the dog catches a cold, the dog will have diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems may cause the dog. The dog stinks.

Pet owners usually pay attention to these small details, dry them immediately after the dog has bathed, and take the dog to the sun more often. Take care to keep warm when the climate temperature difference is large.

Infection with parasites

Dogs are infected with parasites and their body’s immune capacity is reduced. Many diseases of dogs start from the stomach and intestines. Therefore, dogs may be infected with parasites and cause diarrhea or bad stools, which affects their health.

Therefore, pets mainly pay attention to regular deworming for dogs. Deworming is divided into in vitro and in vivo. The time is generally to do it inside the body once every three months and once outside the body once a month.

Dog Care - The dog's poop stinks, what's wrong with it! The owner should pay attention to these.

Old age

Older dogs’ gastrointestinal function will decrease. Poor digestion can easily lead to constipation, and the stool will accumulate for a long time, which will result in very smelly stools.

At this time, the pet owner should pay attention to changing the food for the dog, replacing it with the dog food suitable for the elderly dogs. The dog food for the elderly dogs is softer and suitable for the dogs to absorb, which can effectively improve the problem of constipation.

Insufficient exercise

Some dogs are very lazy and unwilling to go out for exercise. If they do not exercise enough, their metabolism will slow down. Naturally, their gastrointestinal digestion capacity is not as good as that of exercise-loving dogs. Indigestion will cause the food they eat to accumulate, and the poop will naturally be very heavy. Smelly.

For these dogs who don’t like sports, the owner must not be too indulgent. They are unwilling to go out. You should also find a way to let them out. You can use some chicken jerky training snacks or novel toys to attract them and let them follow You go out to exercise.

Too much additives in food

Many low-quality dog foods on the market now often add a variety of food additives to the dog food in order to attract dogs to eat their dog food. Dogs who eat this kind of dog food for a long time will cause bowel movements due to intestinal digestion. Smelly. Therefore, pet owners should avoid inferior food when choosing dog food for their dogs.

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