The Five most smelly dogs in the dog world!

The Five most smelly dogs in the dog world!

All animals have body odor, it is just the reason why the smell is heavy and not heavy. Today, I will tell you about the dogs with the smelliest body odor in the dog world. People who have raised them are really courageous!


Sharpei, produced in Dali Town, Nanhai, Guangdong, China, is one of the world’s famous fighting dogs. The deeper the wrinkles on the face and body, the better the appearance, but because of its wrinkles, it is easy to hide dirty things, and it is troublesome to take a bath. , If the pet owner does not open the wash, and the body smells great, it will be very smelly after a few days.

Dog Care - The Five most smelly dogs in the dog world!Chow Chow

Chow Chow, native to China, is said to be the most favored by the emperor and the most prosperous in the Tang Dynasty. It is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Because its hair is very thick and it has a double coat, if it is not cleaned regularly, its smell is unbearable.

Dog Care - The Five most smelly dogs in the dog world!

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel is divided into American Cocker Spaniel and British Cocker Spaniel, whose ancestors are spaniels. Its chest, abdomen and legs have long and thick coats, and it is always dragged on the ground. If the owner does not comb it often, it will stick to dust or dirt, or even form a lump, which will affect its appearance. Because of the growth of bacteria, the body odor will become more and more foul.

Dog Care - The Five most smelly dogs in the dog world!


Komondor is from the Psita region of Hungary. Its white hair hangs vertically like a rope. It can grow to the ground in 4 years. It runs like a moving mop. It also has the title of “mop dog”. Just looking at the pictures, I feel that if it is not taken care of every day, it will breed. Bacteria produce bad odors, and the body odor is heavy.

Dog Care - The Five most smelly dogs in the dog world!


Pug, with many facial wrinkles, is also one of the important reasons for heavy body odor, because it is often neglected to clean up. Although it has a good clean personality, it is also delicious and lazy, causing anal gland fluid to stay in the body and cause body odor, but as long as we regularly Squeeze out the anal gland fluid so that the body odor caused by the accumulation of anal gland fluid is reduced.

Dog Care - The Five most smelly dogs in the dog world!

In addition, Pug bad breath is also one of the sources of bad smell. The pet owner needs to brush her teeth regularly, 1-2 times a week, which can also prevent the occurrence of periodontal disease. You can also buy some chicken jerky snacks for her to eat and grind her teeth. Also go to bad breath.

Dogs with body odor are naturally unwilling to be exposed to many people. In fact, body odor is caused by reasons. The main reason is poor digestion in the intestines of dogs, easy farting and bad breath, from the inside to the outside. , The owner should choose some dog food with high absorption rate.

Usually pay attention to the diet as light as possible, but also need to regularly brush the dog’s teeth, trim the hair, and take a bath, which can naturally reduce the body odor problem.

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