The little milk dog who just got home likes to bark.

The little milk dog who just got home likes to bark.

I believe many people have had this experience: The little milk dog that just arrived home always likes to bark, and even at night, it barks even more. Why do the little milk dog that just arrived home like to bark?

The new environment is insecure

In fact, no matter whether it is a person or a dog, when they have just arrived in a new environment, they will inevitably feel a little uneasy and scared. Especially the small milk dog, facing an unfamiliar owner and environment, insecure, and naturally likes to bark.

The owner should not stop it, otherwise it will cause shadows, accompany it more, wait for it to get acquainted with you, familiar with the environment, it will not always yell.

Call mother

When the little milk dog was younger, it was usually accompanied by its mother. As long as it barked, the mother would come to her side. After a period of time, the little milk dog had the recognition and thought that it would bark like this. Can call mom.

I can’t see my mother in the new environment, so I like to scream and want to call my mother over.

Dog Care - The little milk dog who just got home likes to bark.

Feel cold

The physique of a small milk dog is not as good as that of an adult dog, and so is its ability to resist cold. Especially when it is relatively cold, the owner does not do a good job of keeping warm, so when it feels cold, it will naturally bark.

The owner must keep the little milk dog warm in time, prepare a warm kennel, and prepare some old clothes that taste like the owner in the kennel, which will also make him feel at ease.


Generally speaking, a little milk dog sleeps longer. If you sleep enough during the day, you will have a lot of energy at night, and you want you to play with it, so it will bark harder.

Therefore, during the day, the owner can accompany it to play games and consume some of its energy, so that it will not always sleep during the day, causing it to bark at night. The little milk dog of about three months has entered the molar period, and may also experience biting. It must be trained accordingly. When training, using goat cheese as a reward, the effect will be more significant!

Feel hungry

When the little milk dog feels hungry, he also likes to bark. If he is not full during the day, he can’t sleep when he is hungry at night, and the barking is even worse.

The little milk dog is in the stage of growing its body, and the body has a strong absorption capacity. Therefore, the feeding needs to be regular and quantitative. Eat small and frequent meals. 4-5 meals a day. You can prepare a small amount of food before going to bed to cushion the belly. Small milk dogs of about two months can be fed some high-protein puppies food, remember to soak softly, which is conducive to better absorption.

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