The procedure for bathing your dog at home.

The procedure for bathing your dog at home.

Bathing the dog at home not only saves a lot of money, but also enhances the relationship between the owner and the dog. Do you know the standard bathing procedure? Do you know how to make the dog’s fragrant hair fluffy after washing it? Maybe this article will help you.

This article first introduces the standard bathing procedure, and then about the tools needed for bathing.

Standard bathing program

Cut toenails → shave the bottom hair → shave the hair around the anus, abdomen and genitals → pluck the ear hair and clean the ears → take a bath → oven → comb → trim the foot hair and facial hair → tie a bow → go home happy.

Prepare exclusive bath tools

The necessary tools for bathing are: toenail scissors, small electric scissors, absorbent towels, pet-specific shampoo, sponges, bath combs, needle combs, large towels, and hair dryers.

Quiet way

When drying and combing, place it on a higher table to make it difficult to resist. But hold it with your hands to prevent it from falling off the table.

Focus on cutting toenails

To bathe your dog yourself, you should let it have its own large towel, wash it immediately after use, and keep it dry to avoid mold infection.

When cutting toenails, just cut off the white part, and the pink part is the blood vessel. You can usually touch its feet and abdomen, and give encouragement (such as food or verbal rewards) after touching it, so that it can be trusted when it is about to cut toenails. Try to use pet-specific toenail scissors, and avoid using scissors to cut hair balls close to the skin.

Use electric scissors cautiously

If you use electric shears to shave, the head of the electric shears must be parallel to the skin, and must not be perpendicular to the skin. As long as it is injured by the electric shears once, it will be like an enemy when it sees the electric shears, and will never let it come close again.

Special Shampoo

Most of the shampoos and shower gels used by humans are not suitable for animal hair and skin. It is best to use a special shampoo. Generally speaking, the special shampoo for pets needs to be diluted and used. It should be rubbed and foamed with a sponge, and the bottom of the fur should be cleaned with a shower comb. It should be lightly brought around the eyes to avoid the eyeballs.

Wash twice with different scouring essences

After washing it for the first time, use the shampoo with hair care ingredients, pour it into your hand about the size of a 10 yuan coin, gently rub it on the hair and then wash it, so that the fragrance lasts for a longer time.

Wipe half dry first

After rinsing, use an absorbent towel to squeeze the fur to half-dry, and then wrap it with a large towel to allow the towel to absorb excess water. At this time, you can use a cotton swab to repeatedly absorb the water in your ears. Give it eye drops moderately to avoid eye inflammation caused by accidental spraying of shampoo.

Comb and blow

Combing with a needle comb and a hair dryer while combing and blowing dry, make the fur completely dry in a short time.

Chat is the best tranquilizer

During the bath, talk to it softly repeatedly to stabilize its emotions.

Don’t forget to reward after washing

After you’re done, remember to give your beloved baby a reward. After a few times, its cooperation will improve, and it will even be happy to take a bath. Helping it to take a bath will no longer be your nightmare.

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