The reason why dogs behave like this is to tell you that they need you.

In the process of raising a dog, there will be many things that the pet owner cannot understand. Some people may think why, but some people will ignore it. In fact, the reason why the dog has such behavior is to tell you, It needs you!

Barking at you

A dog’s barking is not just one type. Their different barks have different meanings. If they bark at you softly, it means that they need you and want you to play with them. At this time, the pet owner shouldn’t ignore it anymore. If you really can’t get away, you can touch it, give it a toy to play next door or give it a snack, so that the dog will be satisfied.

Shake head

In the process of raising a dog, we will find that dogs sometimes shake their heads. You may think that they are acting cute and cute, but this is not the case. They shake their heads to tell you that they need you. Because it has ear mites in its ears and itching, it will shake its head.

Dog Care - The reason why dogs behave like this is to tell you that they need you.

Rubbing butt on the ground

I wonder if you have ever seen dogs rubbing their buttocks on the ground? In fact, it is really not because of boring, but because it needs you! It may be because the anal glands are inflamed, or it may be infected with parasites and itching and uncomfortable.

Demolish home

I believe that many pet owners’ dogs have demolition. In fact, they do not only do so because they attract your attention, but also because of their high energy. Therefore, it’s best for the pet owner to take him out every day to consume enough. In this way, the behavior of demolition will not happen frequently, and you can also bring some dog treats for appropriate rewards.

Often scratching certain parts of the body

If the pet owner finds that his dog often scratches a certain part of his body, he should pay attention to it. It may be infected with parasites. The pet owner should remember to deworm his dog regularly, usually once every three months. In vivo deworming, in vitro deworming should be performed once a month. After deworming, the dog may have diarrhea, etc. At this time, the pet owner can feed some probiotics for conditioning.

Lick your hand

If the dog suddenly licks your hand, then the pet owner should pay attention. It is telling you that it needs you, either it wants to attract your attention, or it wants you to give it food. After all, the pet owner should Some dogs have been fed by hand. Here we should remind the pet owner that we need to pay attention to regular and quantitative feeding, and the staple dog food we choose should also be high-quality and nutritious.

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