The smiling angel Samoyed’s hair is dull and rough. Why is this?

The smiling angel Samoyed’s hair is dull and rough. Why is this?

Samoyed is known as the “smiling angel face, the inside of the trickster devil”. The appearance is very eye-catching. Its white coat is very good-looking. However, some pet owners said that their Samoyed hair became less and less shiny during the breeding process. Very rough, why is this?

Use human body wash

Some pet owners use human lotion when bathing Samoyed for convenience and money, but using human lotion will destroy the pH of Samoyed’s skin and cause dry skin and allergies on Samoyed, which will lead to Samoyed hair. It becomes rough, and when it is severe, it can cause skin diseases in Samoyed.

To bathe Samoyed, you must use pet-specific lotion to protect the acidity and alkalinity of Samoyed’s skin, restore hair smoothness, and reduce the chance of infection of skin diseases, so that Samoyed can grow up healthily.

Often not taken care of

Many dog owners are office workers, and they don’t have time to groom Samoyeds, and Samoyeds have a lot of hair, which will become knotted, shed, and rough after a long period of time.

But since you have chosen to raise the Samoyed, you must be responsible. Take some time to take care of the Samoyed’s hair, which can not only keep the Samoyed’s hair smooth and shiny, but also help promote blood circulation, which is also beneficial to its health. It’s good for the usual maintenance work, so you don’t want to wait until something big happens.

Dog Care Samoyed - The smiling angel Samoyed's hair is dull and rough. Why is this?

Foods are high in salt

Human food is salty for Samoyed, and Samoyed will cause the hair to become rough and dull, and it will shed hair.

The Samoyed’s diet should still be light. Don’t feed humans. The high salt content of human food is not suitable for Samoyeds. It is best to feed low-salt dog food as the staple food.

Get ill

Humans will not look good when they are sick, and Samoyed’s hair will be dull and rough when they are sick.

Usually take Samoyed out to bask in the sun to ensure adequate exercise and improve its immunity, so that the chance of getting sick will also be reduced. You can give some goat cheese snacks as a reward during exercise.


Samoyed malnutrition and insufficient hair absorption will easily make the hair dull and rough. The staple food is best to choose nutrient-rich dog food with beauty ingredients, and it is rich in vitamins and trace elements to provide balanced nutrition for dogs. Occasionally feeding some egg yolks and carrots can also beautify the hair.

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