There are 5 necessary stages in a dog’s life. Which stage does your dog go to?

There are 5 necessary stages in a dog’s life. Which stage does your dog go to?

Compared with our human beings, the life span of a dog is only a small part of it. The life span of a dog is only more than ten years. There are 5 necessary stages, and each stage has different needs. At what stage is the dog?

Stage 1: Breastfeeding period (0-3 months)

In the first half month after birth, dogs can’t see things or hear sounds. The nutrients they need are supplied by the bitch’s milk. At this time, the dog’s body will be weaker. In addition to the bitch’s care, the owner Careful care is also particularly important.

Do not bathe the puppy that has just brought it home, but observe its physical condition, and then consider bathing when you are familiar with the environment. At the end of the moon, you can feed some easy-to-digest goat milk powder and other liquid foods to supplement nutrition. It is important to remember that milk must never be fed.

Dog Care - There are 5 necessary stages in a dog's life. Which stage does your dog go to?

Stage two: puppy period (3-6 months)

The puppies are the cutest stage and the golden period of growth. The owner must provide sufficient nutrition to better ensure its healthy growth. You can slowly give it puppy dog food for about three months. It is best to soak it softly and give it to it, and eat small and frequent meals is the key, 4-5 times a day, touch your stomach to determine how much it eats. If you are full, your abdomen just swells up.

Dogs who are about three months old are in the period of teeth grinding, and they may bite and bite. The owner can buy some chicken jerky to grind his teeth, which can also remove bad breath.

Stage 3: Sexual maturity (6-12 months)

The sexual maturity period can also be said to be the estrus period. Dogs will have it, but the bitch will be more troublesome than the male dog in the early estrus period, because the bitch has an aunt period, but the dog’s first estrus is not suitable for mating. Yes, because the body is not fully developed, it is best to mate during the second estrus.

In addition, the loss of nutrition for dogs in estrus will be faster, so the owner should pay attention to nutritional supplements. If you don’t want your dog to give birth, it is best to take it for sterilization after the first estrus.

Stage 4: Adulthood (1-7 years old)

The body of the dogs in this period has been basically stereotyped, 2-5 years old is when they look best. Under normal circumstances, dogs about 8 months old can be replaced with dog food. It should be noted that although dogs at this time are not as weak as puppies, and their nutritional needs are not as great as puppies, they must Meet its daily needs.

Therefore, when the owner chooses dog food, he must also choose a full-fledged adult dog food. Choose chicken, beef, and fish as raw materials, without adding any synthetic colorings and preservatives, and also rich in vitamins and trace elements. The dog provides balanced nutrition. Occasionally feed some fruits and vegetables for more comprehensive nutrition.

Stage five: old age (after 8 years old)

After the dog enters the old age, the various functions of the body will gradually decline, and the physical fitness will not be so good. They often sleep on their stomachs, lose calcium quickly, always have weakness in their limbs, and are not willing to exercise. Sick. When the dog food is replaced with the old dog food, it is also necessary to add more calcium to strengthen the bones.

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