There are misunderstandings in keeping a dog, pet owners must remember!

There are misunderstandings in keeping a dog, pet owners must remember!

In recent years, the number of dog owners has increased dramatically, and many people will step into some misunderstandings in the process of raising dogs, which can easily affect the health of dogs. Let’s take a look at the misunderstandings of raising dogs, and we must remember!

Wash and care misunderstanding

Many dog owners may still bathe their dogs every day, but did you know? Frequent bathing of the dog will destroy the protective layer of oil on the surface of the dog’s skin, causing the dog to shed hair and even suffer from skin diseases.

It is best to bathe your dog once a week. Remember to use a pet-specific lotion, and be sure to blow-dry the hair in time after the bath to prevent the dog from catching cold. If part of your hair gets dirty when you go out, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and blow dry.

Dog Care - There are misunderstandings in keeping a dog, pet owners must remember!

Walk the dog without wearing a leash

Some dogs feel that their dogs are docile and don’t bite, and they want to make them more active, so they don’t wear leashes.

However, no matter how docile a dog is, there are times when he cannot control his bite, and the occurrence of accidents is also unpredictable. Putting a leash on the dog when going out can prevent the dog from encountering dangerous accidents and avoid injury. Others have the best of both worlds, why not do it?

Feed the dog as a pig

Some owners think that as long as the dog can eat, it proves that he is not full, but in fact, this is a wrong idea, because the dog does not know whether he is full or not. As long as he eats something, he can still eat. Will keep eating.

This kind of feeding dog is prone to obesity and may cause various diseases due to obesity. The owner should keep a good amount when feeding the dog. As long as the dog is fed to a fullness, the abdomen of the dog is just full.

Feed the dog bones

Many people think that dogs eat bones, so they will give the leftover chicken bones on the table to the dogs.

Chicken bones are very fragile, and they break into sharp pieces in the dog’s mouth. Dogs can easily scratch their esophagus and threaten their lives. Therefore, it is not recommended to feed them chicken bones.

Do not walk the dog in winter

The weather in winter is relatively cold, and some owners think that taking the dog out will freeze it. For the sake of the dog, they will not take it out for a walk.

No matter what time the dog needs exercise, even in cold weather, you can take it out when the sun is not so cold. If the weather is really bad, you should play games with it at home and consume it. Energy and keeping exercise are also good for the dog. You can reward him with some chicken jerky during the game, so that he can play more satisfactorily.

Whatever we eat, the dog eats whatever

After raising a dog, the dog becomes a part of our family. Whatever we eat, we naturally have to give the dog a share, but in fact, this is not love.

The nutritional requirements of humans and dogs are different. If we eat whatever we eat, it is easy to be nutritionally unbalanced and affect health. Therefore, we must pay attention to the balance of nutrition in our diet. The staple food of dog food is also the best. Choose nutritious natural foods.

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