There are six meanings that dogs like to bite your hand.

There are six meanings that dogs like to bite your hand.

I don’t know if anyone who owns a dog has discovered that when playing with a dog, the dog bites your hand. Sometimes not only does it bite you when playing with it, but also in other situations. It likes to bite you lightly. Hand has six meanings, and you are only one of its people.

Want to know the owner

In addition to using a sensitive sense of smell to understand things, dogs can also use biting to understand things. This situation mainly occurs when the dog is still young. Through the biting to assist one’s own cognition, it can be seen that the dog is smart , So a big part of the puppy biting the owner’s finger is to understand the owner.

Make sure you are its person

Everyone knows that dogs are very possessive, and if they want to take a thing as their own, they will leave their own taste on that thing, and let others of the same kind know that this is its own. For the owner Also, bite the owner’s finger and rub it on you a few more times, you are its person.

Dog Care - There are six meanings that dogs like to bite your hand.

Feeling scared

Don’t think that a dog is really not afraid of it. In fact, it will be afraid. Most of the dogs are relatively timid. Danger, its emotions will be very nervous, and it will bite the owner’s hand when it is afraid.

Want you to pay attention to it

Many dogs are more clingy. I hope that the owner can always accompany him and play with him. If I usually ignore him, I don’t know where I am sad alone, but some dogs are different and they will try their best to attract them. Your attention, if you want you to pay attention to it, will bite your hand and remind you!

Admit your mistakes, ask for forgiveness

When a dog does something wrong, the owner will be very angry. When you scold the dog, he will be so smart that he must have noticed it, so he will also use his own way of admitting mistakes to you. Please forgive me, and gently Biting your finger is one of them, and it’s also a bit cute.

Molar period

It is very uncomfortable if the dog does not bite something in the mouth during the grinding period. Sometimes you will see it find the shoes and toys in the house. The owner should give it to the dog in this period. Buy some chicken, cod and dog snacks, which can grind your teeth and remove bad breath.

Although the dog gently bites you, it won’t hurt you, but it doesn’t necessarily know how serious it is. In case the mouth becomes heavy, the consequences will be troublesome, and if the dog develops this habit, it will hurt others. So the master is better to stop. In addition to paying attention to the meaning of these small movements of the dog, we should also pay attention to its diet.

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