These 6 humble foods are actually very useful for dogs.

These 6 humble foods are actually very useful for dogs.

In our lives, there are many inconspicuous foods, which have a great effect on dogs. Let the dogs eat some, which is both nutritious and healthy!

Momordica Charantia

Hearing the name feels very bitter, but it has a great effect. It can help the dog to clear the heat and reduce the fire. If the dog gets angry and has a lot of eye feces, you can take some bitter gourd to the dog to eat. Be careful to remove the bitter gourd seeds.

Egg Shell

Although egg shells are useless for humans, they have a great effect on dogs. Mixing egg shells into dog food for dogs can supplement calcium and prevent dogs from absorbing too little calcium, which may lead to problems such as fractures. .


There are a lot of minerals in carrots, which can prevent UV damage caused by playing outside. In addition, puppies eating carrots when they are growing teeth can also promote bone growth and dental health to a certain extent.


Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, which can help dogs avoid colon disease, heart disease and obesity. It can also help older dogs slow down the speed of aging and avoid memory decline. It is also possible for humans to eat more blueberries. Slow down aging.

Dog Care Blueberry - These 6 humble foods are actually very useful for dogs.

A small amount of honey water

When the dog is constipated, drinking a small amount of honey water can lubricate the intestines, which is conducive to laxative. Just brew a small spoonful of honey. The effect of brewing with 40 degrees warm water is the best. Pay attention to let the dog drink it when it is cold, but not Excessive drinking can cause diarrhea in dogs and affect health.

If you find diarrhea in dogs, stop taking honey water immediately, and you can properly feed some probiotics to regulate the intestines and stomach.


Oats contain a lot of fiber, which is helpful for the dog’s digestion. Choose sugar-free oats and occasionally feed them as supplementary food, but to control the amount, you can choose natural dog food with dietary fiber for the staple food. Can also play the same role.

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