These kinds of behaviors are signals that Welsh Corgi ask you for help!

These kinds of behaviors are signals that Welsh Corgi ask you for help!

In the process of raising Welsh Corgi, we have language problems with Welsh Corgi. It is inevitable that it will be difficult to know what it wants to express, but we can judge what it wants to express through some of its behaviors. The following types of behaviors are Welsh Corgi’s signal to you for help, don’t take it to heart.

Refuse to touch

Welsh Corgi itself is a dog who is passionate about people, but if it is found that Welsh Corgi is unwilling to be petted, the owner must be vigilant. It may be that Welsh Corgi feels uncomfortable, so he refuses to be petted. This is Welsh. Corgi sends out a distress signal, suggesting that the pet owner check whether Welsh Corgi’s body is injured.

Frequent licking

The main reason for pets is to find that Welsh Corgi frequently licks certain parts of his body. Pay attention to it. This may be that he is asking you for help. It is not boring. It may be that there is a parasite that makes him feel itchy. Licking, the pet owner finds that it is necessary to stop and deal with it in time, otherwise it will not be worth the loss if it develops into a serious skin disease. Usually, it is necessary to do a good job of deworming.

Dog Care - These kinds of behaviors are signals that Welsh Corgi ask you for help!

Frequent butt rubbing

No dog rubs his butt frequently when he is bored. So does Welsh Corgi. If he rubs his butt frequently, he is asking for help. It may be because of the blockage of the anal glands that caused inflammation. Welsh Corgi feels uncomfortable. If you rub your butt frequently, the owner should remember to squeeze Welsh Corgi’s anal gland fluid regularly.

Heavy breathing

Sometimes when human breathing becomes heavier, it is also a manifestation of illness, and Welsh Corgi is also the same. If the breathing becomes heavier and accompanied by panting, it is very likely that they are asking you for help. Problems with the lungs and heart, pressure on the respiratory tract, Welsh Corgi will be more anxious, loss of appetite, dehydration may occur in severe cases, the pet owner should bring Welsh Corgi to check in time.

Reluctant to walk

Welsh Corgi is a lively and active dog. If one day finds that Welsh Corgi is unwilling to move, he will be lying there all day. Obviously it means that he is asking you for help. It may be because of a problem with the lumbar spine that he can’t stand up and is painful. I don’t feel well so I don’t want to move. Welsh Corgi is prone to lumbar disc herniation. Usually, the owner should pay more attention to protecting the waist and leg joints of Welsh Corgi. It can strengthen the bones and protect the joints by supplementing calcium.

Picky eaters, anorexia

Welsh Corgi’s picky eaters and anorexia are also one of the signs that send you a distress signal. Normal dogs will be picky and anorexia. Unless it is some disobedient dogs, they will be severely picky. If Welsh Corgi have been like this recently, it may be that you don’t want to. To eat this dog food, the pet owner may wish to try another dog food. Choose something rich in meat and good palatability, which will be more attractive to the dog.

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