These places, dogs like being touched the most.

These places, dogs like being touched the most.

Many people want to be touched when they see cute dogs, and dogs like to be touched, but they don’t like being touched all over the body. Let’s take a look at which places dogs like to be touched.


The dog’s back is not its most sensitive place, so if a stranger wants to touch it, you can start from here, but it should be gentle, this kind of touch will make it feel very comfortable, enjoy, and even like you, but if it is If you are not familiar with the dog’s temperament, it is better not to touch it when the owner is not there.


The chin is the most secure place for a dog, because it can be seen with the naked eye. Sometimes when a dog wants you to touch it even if your hand hasn’t reached the chin, it will move up. This is also the way it likes you. If Touch his chin in a tickling way, he will like it more.


It should be noted here that strangers should not touch the dog’s head casually. It likes the owner to touch its head from the back or the side. It is enjoyable and comfortable. Remember not to touch it in front. This will block its vision and let it. Tensions should also be small. Strong force can cause damage to the dog’s head, and it will also feel uncomfortable.

Dog Care - These places, dogs like being touched the most.


The dog’s belly is very sensitive, and only the hungry owner it trusts can easily touch it. If your dog trusts you very much, it will often show its belly to you, letting you take the initiative to touch it, and the owner touches it. It will also feel very comfortable when it gets up, and the owner should be happy if the dog is willing to touch your stomach.


Many dogs also like to be touched by their ears, but if strangers do not try to touch the dog’s ears easily, it is easy to be bitten, but it enjoys being touched by the owner’s ears, it is as comfortable as a massage, and you can understand by touching the ears. If the dog’s physical condition is hot in the ears, it may be a fever, or if there is a lot of dirt in the ears, help the dog to clean the ear mites.

The correct way of petting can relax the dog’s body and play a decompression role, and through this interactive way of petting, the relationship between you and the dog is enhanced, why not do it? In addition, in the process of raising a dog, in addition to interacting with it, it is also necessary to take care of the dog’s diet. Don’t overfeed, which can cause the dog to gain weight. Obesity of the dog can easily cause various diseases.

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