These things are cruel to dogs!

These things are cruel to dogs!

Some dogs may seem brave and bold at ordinary times, but they are not afraid of nothing. They also have things they are afraid of. For example, the following things are cruel to dogs!

Walk the dog from time to time. Most dogs will choose to excrete outdoors, but if you often walk your dog from time to time, this will cause your dog to feel uncomfortable and even affect your health.

This kind of thing is cruel to a dog. It is best for the pet owner to let the dog accept pooping and peeing in a fixed place at home, or you need to take the dog out to poop and pee regularly.

Don’t let it go out. Dogs all yearn for freedom and have a great curiosity about the outside world. If the owner thinks that there are too many bacteria outside, he will not let him go out, that would be cruel to him.

Dog Care - These things are cruel to dogs!

In fact, you should also think about it carefully. If you don’t go out for a long time, I believe you can’t stand it, and your resistance will decrease. This is the so-called for your good, but in fact you are hurting it in another way. .

I often ignore it. In the beginning, the purpose of raising a dog was because he wanted company and happiness, but in the process, he was satisfied, but he often ignored the dog’s emotions. This is also one of the tortures for him!

After all, after a long time, the dog will become dependent on you, and its world is only you, if you ignore it, then it is very vulnerable to psychological trauma.

A dog who does something wrong will only beat and scold him. Raising a dog is like raising a child. Education is very important, not to mention that the dog cannot communicate with the owner in words.

If the owner often beats and scolds the dog when he does something wrong, it is also prone to rebelliousness, and in the end he does not even recognize you as the owner. Therefore, the owner needs to pay attention to education and it is best to have rewards and punishments instead of blindly. Don’t punish the rewards blindly. Reward some dog snacks when it’s done well, so that the effect of education will be better.

sterilization. I believe that many pet owners will choose to sterilize their dogs after careful consideration and for the sake of their health, but this is cruel to the dog and will cause it to suffer a lot of pain.

Although this is a great harm to them, in fact, they are protected in another way. The pet should pay attention to it. It is best to sterilize the dog after the first estrus period.

In addition, dogs after neutering are easy to gain weight and lose nutrients quickly. At this time, the owner should supplement properly. If the nutrition is excessive and gain weight, it will cause more diseases. If your dog is already obese, then It is recommended that you usually need to take it for more exercise, and feed some nutritious low-fat dog food to your dogs.

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