Things to pay attention to when grooming your dog in winter.

Things to pay attention to when grooming your dog in winter.

From autumn to winter, while we put on thick winter clothes, skin care is equally important — pet owners should not think that only their face needs maintenance. In fact, pet grooming in winter is also a science that cannot be ignored. For dogs of different sizes and breeds, there is also a basket of things that need to be paid attention to in winter grooming.

Five steps

Hair Care Trilogy

In the dry winter weather, not only humans are particularly prone to turning their scalp, but also dogs. The area of ​​peeling is not limited to the head but the whole body. To prevent the dog from throwing his hair, the owner must start with the dog’s daily shower.

When the owner bathes the dog, he should choose a more moisturizing shampoo, and then add conditioner. The situation is the same as when we use conditioner to moisturize the hair after shampooing. After washing and drying the dog, the owner should use a windpipe with strong wind to dry the dog’s hair. Don’t let them air-dry the hair by themselves, so as not to accidentally catch a cold. When using a hair dryer, pay attention to using warm air, and blow the dog’s hair to 90% dryness.If the wind is too hot and the hair is blown dry, the previous moisturizing work will be wasted. After the hair is dried, the owner can give the dog a beautiful look.

Ear cleaner to clean the ear canal

Dogs’ ears need to be kept clean frequently, but the structure of the dog’s ear canal is different from that of humans, so the owner should pay special attention to it when cleaning. First, before the dog takes a bath, use a cotton swab to dig out the shallower earwax for the dog. As for the deeper earwax, you can use ear cleansing water or ear cleansing powder as a helper.

Trim toe hairs

If the dog’s toenail and toe hair are too long, it will not only affect the appearance, but it will also be dangerous when walking. And it slips easily.

Toenail trimming

If people cut their nails too close to the flesh, they will bleed, and dogs do the same, because their toenails contain blood vessels and nerves near the flesh. Therefore, when the owner cuts the dog’s toenails, he can only cut the white part. If the pink part is accidentally cut to cause bleeding, hemostatic powder should be used to stop the dog’s bleeding. In addition, after cutting the toenails for the dog, it is best to file the toenails for the dog so that the dog will not accidentally scratch himself and the owner.

Trim the PatPat hair

It’s best to dress up in a full set, so the dog’s PatPat should also be taken into consideration. If PatPat’s hair is too long, it will not only look messy, it will also easily stick to feces when urinating and defecate, and become a smelly dog. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly cut off the miscellaneous hair near the anus for the dog.

Things to pay attention to when grooming dogs in winter

Three considerations

Avoid frequent bathing

Dogs don’t need to bathe every day because their sebum secretion is not as good as that of humans. Frequent bathing will not only wash off the sebum that protects the skin, but also increase the dog’s chances of developing skin diseases. The owner should not be greedy to use human shampoo because it is too alkaline, which will also affect the dog’s sebum secretion. If a dog has been accustomed to cold water baths since childhood, it is good for health, but for puppies and dogs who are not used to cold water, they will be prone to catch a cold.

Body hair should not be cut too short

In winter, the weather is cold. You can’t cut the dog’s hair too short. If the body hairis cut too thin, the dog will lose its natural protection against the cold. Even if you put on clothes, it will be difficult to keep warm.

Do not spray human perfume

The smell of dogs can sometimes be very strong, especially in winter if they take less baths, they may become more unpleasant, but the owner must remember not to use human perfume to avoid the smell, because the high alcohol content of human perfume will irritate the dog’s skin In severe cases, it may cause the dog to suffer from skin diseases.

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