Things to pay attention to when raising a pug!

Things to pay attention to when raising a pug!

Pug, thoughtful and cute, is very suitable for raising in the apartment in the city. Of course, if you want to raise it, you must pay attention to these problems!

Wash care

Pug has a strong body odor. If Pug is bathed irregularly, the whole house will be full of Pug’s odor, which is unbearable. But if you bathe and use human lotion frequently, it will easily get skin diseases and affect its healthy development.

It is recommended to bathe Pug 1-2 times a week, and the lotion should be used for pets to avoid destroying Pug’s skin acid-base balance.

Very clingy

Pug is usually very clingy, and will always stay by your side when the owner is there. If you ignore it too much, it is easy to get depression.

So usually, many owners will keep an extra dog to accompany Pug. If Pug is not so clingy, he needs to train more. For example, put more toys that he loves to play in places where he often stays. Play by yourself, and when it gets used to it, it won’t cause depression because it’s too sticky to you!

Dog Care Pug - Things to pay attention to when raising a pug!


Small size, but so gluttonous, it must be Pug. But the owner must not spoil it too much. Feeding too much can cause Pug’s indigestion and cause Pug to have gastrointestinal problems.

Pug is a small dog and has a relatively small appetite. Generally, you only need to feed Pug until he is full. You can touch Pug’s abdomen with your hand. If the abdomen is just full, it proves that the appetite is just right.

Excessive exercise

Pug’s respiratory tract is very short. If he exercises too much or does strenuous exercise, it will cause him to breathe hard or even lack of oxygen. But don’t stop exercising, exercising appropriately is good for Pagoda.

So you usually only need to take it for a walk, and the time is controlled at about an hour, and you should wear a collar outside to avoid problems with strenuous running. When exercising, you can add some chicken jerky dog snacks to make it more satisfying!

Tears problem

Pago is prone to problems such as inverted eyelashes, inverted eyelids, and blocked tear ducts, which can cause tear marks. However, the problem of tear marks is more in the diet. Feeding high-salt foods can easily cause pugs to get angry and tear marks, which affects both beauty and health.

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