Tips for Keeping Dogs: Causes of Dog Shaking

Tips for Keeping Dogs: Causes of Dog Shaking

I believe everyone has discovered that dogs sometimes tremble in the process of raising dogs, so why do dogs tremble?

1. Too nervous and happy
In fact, the dog’s shaking is not necessarily the cause of the disease. When the dog is excited and nervous, it will also tremble. It usually manifests when the dog goes out to play or sleep.

For this situation, the owner does not need to worry too much, and when taking the dog out for exercise, it is recommended that it be controlled for about 1 to 2 hours, and not excessive exercise!

2. The sequelae of canine plague
If your dog has had canine plague before, it may also have shivering, because shivering will become a sequelae, and such problems will often occur, but it is not harmful to health.

In this case, of course, the owner does not need to be too nervous, as long as the dog is supplemented with sufficient nutrition at ordinary times, the staple food is best to choose a high-protein low-fat dog food to feed!

3. Feel cold
In fact, the dog’s trembling is also related to the weather. If your dog is of a poor physical condition and has less hair, it will definitely tremble in a season like winter.

There are also some elderly dogs who often tremble because they are more afraid of the cold. For this, the owner should keep the dogs warm!

4. The body feels unwell
Also, dog shaking is also related to illness. If your dog feels unwell, it will also remind you of shaking.

Therefore, once the dog is trembling, the owner must observe the dog to see if his body is injured. If the tremor is severe, it is best to see a doctor!

5. Lack of calcium
If you do not regularly supplement your dog with calcium, the dog will also experience shaking. For this, it is recommended that the owner can supplement the dog with calcium.

Calcium supplementation can be supplemented by choosing some pet calcium tablets with high calcium content, so that dogs are not afraid of calcium deficiency, and calcium supplementation should not be excessive. Only appropriate supplementation is helpful for dogs!

Attention to dog breeding:

In addition to observing the dog, it is recommended that the owner should pay more attention to the dog’s diet. I advise you not to buy the following dog food that is not easy to absorb.

After all, if a growing dog can’t get enough nutrition, the dog’s physical development may appear deformed, so when choosing dog food, you should give priority to choosing some nutrient-rich, easy-to-absorb, high-protein dog food .

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