Under what circumstances don’t yell the dog’s name indiscriminately!

Under what circumstances don’t yell the dog’s name indiscriminately!

I believe that the pet owner will give his dog a nice name, which is convenient for living with the dog in the future, but we must be careful not to call the dog’s name casually, and in serious cases, we will keep them away from you!

I keep calling its name when I’m bored

Some pet owners feel bored and call the dog’s name if there is nothing to do. After the dog walks over and finds that there is nothing wrong with you, you let him leave.

It will ignore you for a long time, and you have lost trust.

Beat and scold it

The pet owner often calls him by name when he wants to beat or scold him, let him walk over to you, and then punish him.

Over time, the dog will think that you will be beaten, scolded and punished when you call it by name, so the dog will run far away when you hear it.

Dog Care - Under what circumstances don't yell the dog's name indiscriminately!

When you are angry

If you are in a bad mood and are in an extremely angry state, don’t call your dog’s name casually. The dog has been with you for so long, and he will also notice that you are in a bad mood.

When you call your dog’s name when you are in a bad mood, the dog will think that it has done something wrong, feel very afraid of being scared, and hide.

Want to lock it up

If the pet owner wants to put the dog in the cage, he will call his name and let the dog come by himself. But if you do this more often, the dog will know what you want to do and will disobey it.

In fact, when the owner wants to go out and wants to lock up the dog, he can put him in a cage and give some chicken snacks and toys, so he won’t be so resistant.

Force dogs to do things they don’t like

Usually you call the dog by the name of the dog, if it is because you want to take the dog for the injection, it will think that it is nothing good for you to call it, and next time it will hide and prevent you from finding it.

So if the pet owner wants to take it for an injection, try not to call its name frequently to make it fearful. Most of the injections are caused by the dog’s illness, and most of the dog’s illness is due to dietary issues. For example, if a dog eats a single food for a long period of time, the lack of nutrition can easily affect his health and cause disease.

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