Under what circumstances will a dog shed tears?

Under what circumstances will a dog shed tears?

In real life, people use crying to express their emotions. Of course, crying does not only mean sadness and sadness, but sometimes also happy and moved. In fact, have you ever noticed that dogs can cry too? Let’s take a look at what happens.


The feelings of dogs are the same as those of human beings, they are richer. When dogs perceive something bad and the family members are in a sad mood, the dogs will also be immersed in this emotion, and they will naturally be sad. I must shed tears.

Dog Care - Under what circumstances will a dog shed tears?

Feel own going to die

A dog can predict how long he can stay with his owner. When he feels that he is running out of time, he will shed tears, and some dogs will choose to run away and find a place to wait quietly for death. But also reluctant to see the owner because of it shed tears.

Blocked tear duct

If the dog’s tear duct is blocked, it will cause its tears to run out, and the tears that flow out in this situation are called overflow tears, which will cause the dog’s eyes to be moist. After a long time, skin allergies or skin allergies may appear. Tears.

Miss too much

If the owner is away for a long time and leaves the dog at home no longer with him, the dog will shed tears because of missing the owner too much. It is recommended to accompany the dog more at home to prevent mental illness and exercise. Its ability to be alone, giving toys, dried duck and dog treats when not at home, makes it not too boring.


If the owner gives the dog food with high salt content for a long time, it will easily cause its Inflammation, which will cause tears and tear marks. In such a situation, the owner should pay attention to control the dog’s salt intake, but also ensure the intake. Generally speaking, the minimum standard is 0.09% for adult dogs and 0.45% for puppies.

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