Want to raise a little old man Schnauzer? Look at these before deciding!

Want to raise a little old man Schnauzer? Look at these before deciding!

If you want to raise a Schnauzer, then you first look at the disadvantages here, and then think deeply about whether you can accept its shortcomings?

Difficult beards

The hair around Schnauzer’s mouth is very long, like a beard. It is easy to rub on the hair after drinking water and after meals. If it is not clean, it will cause the beard to turn yellow and breed bacteria. Usually the owner cleans its mouth hair after meals, and it is best to use a special drinking fountain for drinking water.


Schnauzer’s possessiveness is very strong. When he sees his owner treats other dogs well, Schnauzer will be jealous, and will ignore you and even fight with that dog, so the pet owner should pay attention. No, don’t let Schnauzer see that you are nice to other dogs, or you will have to coax him all the time!

Dog Care Schnauzer - Want to raise a little old man Schnauzer? Look at these before deciding!

Ear mites prone

The ears of Schnauzer without clipping ears are bent and not easy to breathe, which makes it easy to infect ear mites. Ear mites will not be transmitted to humans, but they can infect other animals. Therefore, if ear mites are found, they must be isolated from other animals and cleaned up. First help Schnauzer clean the ear hair, use ear wash to clean the ear canal, and then use ear medicine to clean up the mites. In addition, Schnauzer needs to clean and disinfect ears and daily necessities regularly.

Love to pick things

Although Schnauzer is small, it is full of courage, and its courage always makes it very fond of picking things. When you go out and walk your dog, if the owner doesn’t take care of it, you will fight with other dogs in a blink of an eye. As the owner, you usually need to train Schnauzer. You can reward it with chicken jerky and other snacks during training.

Hair is difficult to manage

Although Schnauzer does not shed hair, it has two coats on its body, which is not easy to care for. If the salt content of the food is too high, it will cause rough hair, easy knots and even skin diseases. It is difficult to care for Become bigger.

If you want its hair to become smooth and easy to take care of, the choice of dog food is very important. It is recommended to choose a dog food containing deep-sea fish oil. Deep-sea fish oil will help the hair become smooth and shiny.

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