What are the advantages and disadvantages of Shiba Inu? do you know?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Shiba Inu? do you know?

Shiba Inu is very popular and is one of the Internet celebrity dogs. Its origin is in Japan and it is designated as a “natural monument” by the Japanese government. If you want to raise it, there are some practical problems. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Shiba Inu!

Advantages of Shiba Inu

Love clean

Shiba Inu is one of the cleanest dog breeds. Xiaochai can take care of himself, with very little saliva, and generally has no body odor. Simple grooming in life is enough, and he will not easily dirty his nest. The owner will take care of it. It will be easier.

Smile is very healing

Shiba Inu’s smile is as healing as Samoyed. When you go home with tiredness and negative emotions, you will forget a lot of negative emotions when you see Shiba Inu’s smile. It is easy and happy to get along with each other. With it, it has helped you solve half of your troubles!

Loyal protector

Regardless of the small size of the Shiba Inu, its guard awareness and vigilance are relatively high, and it is also loyal to the owner. It is a good expert in nursing homes. They like to stand on a high place and look down at the lower end, seeming to use their sharp eyes to observe the surrounding wind and grass.

Dog Care Shiba Inu - What are the advantages and disadvantages of Shiba Inu? do you know?

Disadvantages of Shiba Inu

Hard to control when walking

The Shiba Inu, also known as the “jungle dog”, is also a very active bird hunting dog since ancient times. If you take it out to play, you have to use up to 18 martial arts to get it home. Bring it with a leash and the dog shadow will be gone.

Poor obedience

The Shiba Inu, who looks loyal and honest, is actually very individual and has poor obedience. If the owner wants it to do it, it will not necessarily follow it. It has its own ideas and is very stubborn, which makes the owner feel a headache. However, as long as the owner trains from an early age, it can also improve its obedience, and cooperate with some chicken jerky training snacks to make it more active in training.

Shed hair

Although Shiba Inu’s hair is not long, it is very scary to lose hair. It will mutate wildly 2 to 4 times a year, resulting in Shiba Inu’s hair in the whole family, and shaving will make it feel inferior or difficult to grow back. For Shiba Inu hair loss, as long as the pet owner pays attention to Shiba Inu’s diet, it can be alleviated.

Long-term eating too salty Shiba Inu will aggravate hair loss and even cause skin diseases. Therefore, Shiba Inu’s diet needs to be light and low-salt, and the choice of dog food is very important. The owner should give priority to choosing a light, low-salt, deep-sea fish oil-containing dog food.

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