What are the causes of dog hair loss and how to effectively reduce the problem of hair loss!

What are the causes of dog hair loss and how to effectively reduce the problem of hair loss!

Dog hair floating everywhere in the house, every breath of air is mixed with dog hair; dog hair stuck to clothes, no clothes will be spared; when you sleep, you feel itchy, yes, it’s dog hair. . As we all know, dogs will shed hair when changing seasons, but in fact, apart from changing seasons, there are many reasons that cause dogs to shed hair. Pet owners should not ignore these problems.

How to tell whether a dog is a normal hair loss condition

Dogs will shed a lot of hair during the season. Dogs will respond to temperature differences caused by the change of seasons through their own adjustments. When the temperature rises or falls, they will undergo a normal moult to adapt to the temperature.

Dogs in these periods will shed hair: Babies will start molting around 3 to 4 months of age, and their lanugo will basically fall off at around 6 or 7 months of age; dogs in estrus will There is a phenomenon of hair loss; slow metabolism of dogs in old age will cause hair loss; dogs will experience a lot of hair loss after giving birth.

Dog Care - What are the causes of dog hair loss and how to effectively reduce the problem of hair loss!

Skin diseases cause hair loss. Diseases such as folliculitis, eczema, or dog lice and fleas caused by germs can also cause a lot of hair loss in dogs.

No dog-specific shower gel was used to bathe the dog. Bathing dogs with human shampoo can cause dandruff, itching, and a lot of hair loss.

Emotional hair loss. Fear, tension, and anxiety can cause dogs to shed hair.

Eat too much salt. Dogs cannot take in too much salt, and hair loss is one of the problems caused by eating too much salt.

Malnutrition or lack of vitamins and minerals is also one of the causes of dog hair loss.

So how to alleviate these dog hair loss conditions?

During the season or during the special period of the dog, the pet owner usually helps the dog to groom the dog’s hair, which not only helps to reduce the accumulation of fur caused by normal metabolism, but also makes the dog’s hair stronger and smoother.

Do regular health checks and deworming your dogs. The puppies will be dewormed in vitro for the first time after six weeks and the first in vivo deworming will be started after 8 weeks; deworming in vivo and in vitro once a month for less than six months; deworming in vivo once every three months for more than six months, one month Deworming in vitro. (The frequency of deworming depends on the actual situation of the dog. The amount of deworming medicine used needs to follow the subscale or ask the veterinarian.)

Choose a pet-specific shower gel or hair conditioner for dogs to prevent hair loss. But don’t bathe your dog often. Bathing too often will destroy the protective substances on the dog’s fur. It is recommended to take a bath about 10 days in spring and summer, and once every 20 days in autumn and winter.

Ordinary owners also need to take their dogs out for a walk, get more sun, and often communicate and interact with the dogs to eliminate their anxiety and other negative emotions. Sun exposure can increase hair pigmentation, make hair shiny, and promote hair growth.

Pay attention to the dog’s light diet, try to choose low-oil and low-salt dog food that contains deep-sea fish oil and kelp powder, which can reduce the incidence of skin diseases, improve skin allergies and itching, and greatly reduce the hair loss caused by nutritional deficiency. .

Alleviate dog hair loss by supplementing dog protein, vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids. Such as feeding cooked salmon, chicken breast, beef, egg yolk and other foods. You can also choose related snacks for dogs.

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