What are the changes after dog sterilization?

What are the changes after dog sterilization?

There are many things to consider when raising a dog, such as: whether to sterilize the dog, etc. There are many disputes on this matter. Some people think that there are many benefits, and some people think that this does not respect the rights of dogs. Do dogs need to be sterilized?

Benefits of sterilization:

Prevent getting lost

According to statistics, estrus period is the most common cause of loss. Some bitches even get pregnant unexpectedly after they are lost. After neutering the dog, if there are no two eggs, they will not be lost due to the estrus period. Lost, you can effectively control the dog, and the chance of getting lost is greatly reduced.

Reduce the hassle of nursing

The female dog in estrus will be accompanied by the arrival of the “big aunt”. The female dog feels itchy and will frequently lick the genitals. Usually the pet owner needs to help the dog to wash the genitals with warm water, otherwise it may cause infection, and after sterilization, The dog has no two eggs, so it avoids the trouble of nursing.

Personality becomes quiet and docile

Whether it is a male dog or a female dog, the temper will be more irritable during the estrus, and even aggressive behavior will occur. What kind of dog should be after sterilization, and what should it be, and it will become quieter and docile than before!

Reduce the occurrence of related diseases

One of the biggest benefits of sterilization is that it can reduce the occurrence of diseases such as reproductive organs, which is beneficial to the health of dogs. For male dogs, it will reduce the incidence of testicular tumors and urinary system, while female dogs can reduce ovarian cysts. The onset of uterine fibroids may occur.

Dog Care - What are the changes after dog sterilization?

Disadvantages of sterilization:

Cause psychological shadows in dogs

Some dogs are very resistant to neutering, and the owner forcibly deprives them of the right to reproduce and reproduce, and they will be in a very bad mood. Some unimaginable and introverted dogs are prone to psychological shadows and may suffer from depression! It is best for the owner to accompany him more, let him feel warm, play more games with him, and reward him with goat cheese snacks during the game, and his mood will gradually improve!

Surgery is risky

There are certain risks in any surgery, and there will also be neutering operations for dogs. Some dogs will have at least one complication after neutering, especially bitches. They are more dangerous and may be infected with other diseases due to wounds. .

Get fat

Most dogs will experience a decline in thyroid function after sterilization, which will directly cause the dog to gain weight and also become sleepy. Obese dogs are prone to various diseases. The owner must control its weight. It is recommended to feed some low-fat dog food.

How old can a dog be neutered?

Generally speaking, the first estrus period of a dog is about 6-8 months, and the estrus period of small dogs is earlier than that of large dogs. It is best to sterilize the dog before the first estrus period, so that the surgical trauma is small. The body is not easily affected, and the wound heals faster.

What should I pay attention to before neutering a dog?

Before neutering a dog, you should choose when the dog has been vaccinated and is in good physical condition. At this time, the dog’s resistance will be better, the body can recover faster, and the probability of illness can be reduced. .

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