What are the common methods for training dogs?

What are the common methods for training dogs?

Dog training is a protracted battle. Someone said on the Internet that the best time to train a dog is from the time of two months old. If it is older, it will be difficult to train. 

In fact, as a qualified pet owner, you must not give up training your dog because of his age. As long as we master the correct training methods and gestures, we can train an obedient dog.

Training method – mechanical stimulation

Generally speaking, it is violence to solve problems. When we train a dog, if the dog is not obedient and does not cooperate with the training, we can hit it with a stick a few times to make it feel pain and force it to cooperate with the training. Although this training method is more effective, I don’t recommend that you use this method, because this method will make the dog afraid of us and unwilling to touch us, although under the pressure of the stick, the dog will obey us, but at the same time of training, it will also produce a sense of rejection of training items. You must use this method with caution in your daily life.

Training method – reward method

In the training process, when the dog successfully completes a certain action or is very obedient during the training process, we should give it some encouragement, such as gently stroking its head, giving it some delicious snacks or giving it Play with the toy for a while, let it know that as long as it train well, it can get what it want, which will make your training more effective.

Dog Training - What are the common methods for training dogs?

Training method – imitation training

This method is often used to train hunting dogs. We train the untrained puppies and the trained hunting dogs at the same time. The actions of the hunting dogs are standardized, and the hunting dogs are trained by imitating the hunting dogs.

Training method – hand gestures

To train a dog, you can’t rely on sound blindly, and you need to add some hand movements. Some books record some commonly used gestures when training a dog, but I think there is no fixed gesture for training a dog. The gestures in the book will leave a mark in its mind, allowing it to form a conditioned reflex, so the editor believes that the gestures in the book can be used for reference, do not copy and copy, the combination of gestures and sounds, the dog is quickly tamed.

In daily life, we often use certain gestures to train dogs invisibly, but we don’t even pay attention to them. 

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