What bad habits do dogs have?

What bad habits do dogs have?

No one is perfect, and so are dogs. Many dog owners said that after raising dogs, they found that many dogs have strange and bad habits. Let us take stock of bad habits.

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Pounce on seeing people

Generally speaking, dogs pounce on people is one of their ways of expressing love, but this way of expression is not acceptable to everyone. Some dogs are larger, and this behavior is easy to hurt or scare. To people, especially the elderly, children and some people who are afraid of dogs.


Dogs are all normal but they always bark, especially in the middle of the night, disturbing the people and themselves.

In this case, the owner needs to strictly discipline the dog. For example, when the dog is about to bark, flick the dog’s mouth to signal it not to bark. If the dog is obedient, you can stroke its head with your hand. You are very happy and satisfied, and you can also reward some small toys for it to play with. If the dog still ignores it, he needs to be severely reprimanded. In the long run, the dog will understand what you mean.

Dog Care - What bad habits do dogs have?

Urinate anywhere

Dogs urinate and urinate anywhere is also one of the bad habits that can’t be tolerated, especially in public. If the owner does not find and clean up in time, it will give other people uncomfortable feelings.

When away from home, if the dog urinates, the owner must quickly find and clean up the scene, not to cause trouble to others, and use a leash to hold his dog when walking the dog. To urinate and defecate at home, you need to slowly teach your dog how to excrete at a fixed point, plan the corresponding area, and let the dog become a habit in the long run.

Love to flip through the trash can

Dogs are always curious about trash cans, thinking that there are many novel toys and delicacies in them. Usually, when there is no one at home, they will go through the trash cans and make the house messy.

If you find that your dog has this habit, you must correct it immediately. If you want to correct it, you must be rewarded and punished. When it turns over the trash can, you must give a little bit of blame and punishment. When you haven’t turned the trash can, give it some chicken jerky and other small snacks, and slowly teach it to distinguish between good and bad things.

Around the table begging for food

When the owner is eating, he will inevitably cause the dogs to ask for food. Once you give it once, they will think that they can ask for food every time, and they will form a habit over time. The food that people eat is high in oil and salt, and dogs often eat food that people eat, which will be bad for their health, leading to tears, hair loss and other problems.

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