What conditions does the kitten’s litter meet?

What conditions does the kitten’s litter meet?

Kittens are the cutest time, and it is also the time when they need to be taken care of most. Taking care of a kitten requires a warm nest. The following introduction will help you.

What conditions must a kitten’s litter meet?

Kittens should be kept in a warm, windless den. You can use paper boxes, sterilized cat cages, with towels or blankets, and need a heat source to keep the kittens warm, because the kittens cannot self-regulate their body temperature until they are 4 weeks old. This heat source can be an electric blanket, a thermos, or an electric lamp for heating. Do not let the heat source be too close to the kitten to avoid burning and the heat source should be in a corner of the litter so that the kitten can move to a cooler place in the litter when it is too hot.

Cat Care - What conditions do the kittens meet?

The temperature in the cat litter should change from 32-34°C (the hottest place). On the other side, 24-27°C. When the kitten is 4 weeks old, the external environment can stay at about 24°C. If there are several kittens in a litter, it may not be necessary to make the litter as hot as when there are only one or two kittens, because it can snuggle together to keep warm.

The humidity is about 50% to prevent dehydration. If it is too dry, you can spray a little water on the outside of the cat litter, or put an air humidifier. It is best not to expose kittens under 3 weeks to direct sunlight.

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