What do dogs do when they are alone at home?

What do dogs do when they are alone at home?

Many dog owners don’t stay at home 24 hours a day. They usually stay at home at night when they go to work and when they are in business. So the pet owner must also want to know what the dog will do when he is at home, right?

Biting socks, slippers

Many pet owners on the Internet say that their dog loves to bite his socks and shoes. When he is at home, he is even more rampant. Socks and slippers run everywhere. This is probably a hobby of them! The same dog in the same world has such a hobby, probably because the dog smells of you on it.

Lying at the door

I don’t know if any pet owners have discovered that when you open the door when you go home, you will see the dog appear in your eyes, and will immediately pounce on it. In fact, it’s not how fast it hears the door opening, but it’s because It’s boring at home by itself. When it misses you, it will always sit at the door and wait for you to come back.

Become a demolition expert

Some dogs take advantage of the fact that their owner is not at home, they will be very excited when they are at home. They will become experts in house demolition. When you come back, they will be in a mess. It’s a headache for the owner, and you can’t help it, staring at it all day.

Dog Care - What do dogs do when they are alone at home?

Slept presumptuously on the owner’s bed

Some owners usually don’t let the dog run into your bed to sleep for fear that it gets dirty. Although the dog is really good when you don’t let it, have you ever wondered why it is so obedient? Maybe when you are not at home, it ran to your bed immediately, and it was a day away! When you come back, it will be enough!

Push the door back and forth

Pushing the door back and forth is something that many dogs do when they themselves, especially puppies. When they feel lonely, they push the door back and forth to attract the owner’s attention. If they don’t get a response, they will go again. Feeling bored alone, if the host hears it immediately to respond to it, he may develop a bad habit! At home, when it pushes the door back and forth, the owner ignores it. When it does not push the door back and forth next time, you will be rewarded with goat cheese snacks, so that it understands what you mean!


Sleeping is the most common behavior for dogs when they are at home, because no one is playing with them. Sometimes even if you put some toys for them, they will not play at home. They would rather sleep and walk around when they wake up. Go to sleep when you get tired. Many dogs are like this.

Although the owner can’t accompany the dog when the owner is not at home, as long as you are at home and by the dog’s side, spend more time playing with him, let him know that as long as you are there, you will accompany him and won’t let him feel Lonely, in the process of caring for a dog, the owner should also pay attention to its diet. After all, diet is related to its health. Do not let the dog eat a single food for a long time, because this will easily cause malnutrition and regret it at that time. Also the owner.

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