What do dogs show that they are not loyal to you?

What do dogs show that they are not loyal to you?

Although most dogs are loyal to their owners, one case is not ruled out. If you want to know whether your dog is loyal or loyal to you, you can usually observe it more!

Refuse to be touched by you

If the dog changes his heart, then it will definitely refuse to be touched by you. After all, if it treats you as its owner, it will let you touch it casually, and sometimes even reveal its fragile belly for you to touch, so if your dog If you refuse to be touched by you, it means that you are not loyal to you!

Gnawing at you

Generally speaking, a dog is loyal and obedient to his owner, but a dog that has changed his mind is not necessarily the case. It does not matter if he is not obedient or disloyal. It will bark teeth and even be aggressive towards the owner. behavior!

Ignore you

In fact, most dogs obey their owners. When they hear the call of their master, they will immediately run to their master. If your dog ignores you, it may be because it has changed its heart. May betray you!

Avoid you

A dog with a change of heart will not only ignore you, but also deliberately avoid you, because under normal circumstances, a dog is more sticky to its owner. Therefore, if the physical reason is ruled out, it is that it has changed its heart. It doesn’t trust you anymore!

Forbid you to touch its food and bare one’s teeth

If your dog has the behavior of protecting your food, it means that it does not regard you as the owner, and it also directly shows that it has changed your heart to you. After all, the dog who recognizes you as the owner will not protect the owner. If everything else is okay, that is, the food protection is very serious, then help it correct the bad habit of food protection, otherwise it is easy to be injured by it. When helping to correct it, as long as it does a good job, then reward some dogs Give it snacks, so that the effect will be more significant.

Dog Care - What do dogs show that they are not loyal to you?

In fact, there are only a small number of dogs with these performances. Most dogs still love their owners, so for dogs who love them, the owner should treat them well and pay more attention to their diet. After all, this is for them. Too important.

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