What does the dog want to express when learning Wolf barking?

What does the dog want to express when learning Wolf barking?

In the process of raising a dog, many pet owners find that dogs actually learn how to bark. What’s wrong with dogs? Many pet owners will feel very puzzled.


If your dog is already good, but suddenly learn how to bark at night these days, then it means that the dog is in estrus. Generally speaking, male dogs secrete too much sex hormones, which makes them very excited at night. Yes, and the female dog barks in a low voice at best, not as much as a male dog.


In fact, dogs suddenly learn how to bark, most likely because they are boring, but a dog’s day is really boring. Apart from sleeping and eating, it’s playing with toys. So when they feel bored they will howl and vent. However, in order not to disturb the surrounding residents, the owner found that it had to be stopped in time, otherwise it would be difficult to change the habit.

Dog Care - What does the dog want to express when learning Wolf barking?

Call one’s friend

It is very likely that a dog learns how to call a wolf to call his friends, because such a bark is very penetrating, loud and long, so it will use this method to convey the message, but it is not because it is boring. If you want to call your friends, the owner had better accompany him to play games, divert his attention, and give him some chicken jerky dog treats when playing.

Bad mood

Like us, dogs have many emotions and are also emotional animals. They are affected by emotions and lead to some bad behaviors, such as learning howling wolf, expressing their emotions through howling, and venting their anxiety. Anxious, doctrine should pay more attention to the dog, let it maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.


Some clever dogs will learn how to bark to indicate to their owner that they are hungry and need to eat, especially Erha. Although the bloodline is similar to that of a wolf, but even the behavior has been learned, the owner still needs to feed regularly and quantitatively. Dogs are good for their health.

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