What does the dog’s strange actions want to express?

What does the dog’s strange actions want to express?

If you have a dog, you must have seen a lot of weird behaviors of dogs, right? But these behaviors are never taught. What do they mean? Can you understand?

Barking through the window

Many pet owners probably don’t know why dogs always bark at the outside through the window. In fact, there is a reason. Dogs are close relatives of wolves, and their territorial awareness is very strong. From their point of view, The barking at the outside is to warn people outside, drive away strangers, and avoid invasion of the territory, as is the case with the nursing home.

Bite the tail

Many pet owners are puzzled, why do dogs bite their tails? Isn’t this hurting themselves? Doesn’t it hurt? But have you ever thought about it, it doesn’t want it, but there is no way to do this, it is not caused by boredom, it may be because it is infected with parasites and feels itchy, so it will bite its tail.

Smell the butt

Some pet owners think it is embarrassing for a dog to smell the butt of the same kind. Why is this so? In fact, dogs smelling their buttocks is their way of greeting and understanding each other, just like humans, but humans use words to greet and obtain information.

Eating foreign body

When walking the dog outside, it is inevitable to see dogs eating foreign objects, such as sand stones, grass, paper towels, etc. Such dogs may cause pica due to lack of certain trace elements in the body. It is recommended that the pet owner give it to Feeding dogs with some trace element tablets can improve pica.

Dog Care - What does the dog's strange behavior want to express?

Follow you to the toilet

Every time I see you go to the bathroom, the dog will follow you and stare at you strangely, as if you are afraid of stealing food. Actually, it is not. The dog is only afraid that you are in danger, so he will follow you. The toilet is also afraid that you will leave it. For such a dog, the pet should accompany it more often. It may be caused by its lack of security.

Rub butt

Some dogs will have the weird behavior of rubbing their buttocks. In fact, they are not making you happy or so strange in themselves. It is because they are uncomfortable. It may be because of clogged anal gland fluid, constipation, and inflammation, which cause their buttocks to become uncomfortable. That’s why I feel comfortable rubbing my butt.

The pet who finds this weird behavior should pay attention to it, usually squeeze the anal gland fluid for the dog regularly, and pay attention to the light diet. Feed the dog food that contains high dietary fiber and is well absorbed to avoid indigestion and accumulation of anal gland fluid, which may cause the dog. uncomfortable.

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